RSD Max – Fearless

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RSD Max – Fearless
RSD Max – Fearless | 30.6 GB

Take your fear and turn it into action
The MOMENT you get Fearless, you will step inside, and you will see videos of me laying out exactly what you need to do.

You will find yourself in a beautiful community of like-minded individuals, and you will experience the feeling of family, acceptance, support, and understanding.
But most importantly.
You’ll get a feeling.
A feeling of excitement, a feeling of anticipation, and a feeling of hope.
By this time tomorrow, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that any rejection, anxiety, or frustration that you face in your life can be easily overcome.
You have all of the tools that you need right there at your disposal. A rush of CERTAINTY will flow through you body. You will stand taller, express fuller, and everything you do will carry the weight of a man with CONVICTION.
Everything you need is right there in front of you.
By this time next week.
You will wake up, and you will be PSYCHED!
You will feel your life’s momentum begin to shift, and your upward spiral beginning.
By this time next month.
You will have a sense of simply “knowing what to do”. Making the right move will be easy.
You will find yourself in a situation that used to scare you. and you will LAUGH.
Going out will be FUN AGAIN.
You will be gaining a massive amount of reference experiences from approaching with authority and getting deeper and deeper into interactions.
You will STOP making excuses and rationalizations and start making DECISIVE moves.
RESULTS will start to come and you will taste the delicious fruits of pushing through your fear.
By this time next year.
You will be FEARLESS.
Your friends will wonder how you’re doing it. girls will notice you, and start to approach YOU!
You will be walking down the street and you will notice that people notice you, people acknowledge you, people want to be around you.
You will lock eyes with those around you , you will nod, and you will smile.
New social situations will now be effortless for you.
You will have absolutely ZERO approach anxiety.
You will have mastered using FEAR to your advantage.
You will realize, that finally, for the first time ever:
You have this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to learn from a guy who has:
– Clawed and fought through his own epic battle with Approach Anxiety.
– Trained HUNDREDS of guys through it out in the field (the ONLY place you can overcome AA).
– Seen EVERY sticking point and pattern imaginable (I would have to be an IDIOT to not see them with the amount of students I have taught).
– Thousands experience hours teaching, delivering content, public speaking, and inception-style planting seeds of self confidence in guys just like YOU!

If that wasn’t enough!
These insider secrets will be delivered in a HIGHLY engaging and entertaining way.
FEARLESS is crafted CAREFULLY and METHODICALLY to deliver to you the most thoroughly-researched content, cutting edge training techniques, and HIGH DEFINITION INFIELD FOOTAGE. and you will be able to watch it anywhere, anytime.
This is your shot, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity.
Let’s do this RIGHT NOW!



RSD Max – Fearless