Safe & Strong: The Definitive Guide To Private Blog Networks By. Charles Floate


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Safe & Strong: The Definitive Guide To Private Blog Networks By. Charles Floate

Safe & Strong: The Definitive Guide To Private Blog Networks By. Charles Floate
Safe & Strong: The Definitive Guide To Private Blog Networks By. Charles Floate | 10.21 MB

The use of private blog networks (PBNs) is one of the biggest debates in the SEO community. The truth is that there’s *only* a downside if you don’t know what you’re doing and sadly, most people don’t.
I’ve used PBNs to rank sites in Google for nearly a decade now.

I get asked questions about them almost daily, mostly from people who have tried to learn about PBNs from other sources, but everyone is just talking about it. It’s all second-hand information that some guy heard from some other guy or worse, from guys who took their shot at it and missed.
In SEO, there is normally a variety of things you can mean by a tactic, and this is especially true for PBNs.
The core definition for a “private blog network” is a network of blogs you control that is made for the sole purpose of ranking websites in Google to make you money!
However, there are different methodologies within PBNs themselves, and different ways you use them depending on the niche, and even language.
Most people use private blog networks to either rank affiliate websites in English language Google, or they use them to rank highly competitive, high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords in foreign languages.
There are other uses as well, and I’ll teach all of them within this course and its bonuses.
But because I’ve been able to understand them and I’ve had legitimate success. I’ve heard the same questions so often that whenever PBNs come up, I pretty much go on autopilot.
It’s great to be so useful, but it’s repetitive and exhausting.

So, instead of:
– Constantly answering the same questions…
– Moderating the same debates…
– Dealing with the same confusion…
– Settling all the ethical dilemmas…

I made the definitive guide to building private blog networks that are safe, secure AND affordable.
So, What Are PBNs & Why Would You Want To Use Them?
A private blog network is a network of blogs you control that is made for the sole purpose of ranking websites in Google to make you money.
However, there are different ways to build and use them depending on the:
– Niche
– Purpose
– Location
– Language

PBNs are most often used to rank affiliate websites in English or for highly competitive, high Cost Per Click (CPC) keywords in other languages.
There are other uses as well and I teach all of them in this course and its bonuses.

Do PBNs Even Work In 2020?
The short answer is yes.
The longer answer is that it depends on:
– How good of a PBN you have
– The niche you’re trying to compete in
– The precautions you’ve taken to make sure that every site in your network is “bulletproof” (It won’t be punished by Google’s algorithm)

One of the most common arguments that SEOs make is that PBNs are outdated and the Google algorithm is now far too sophisticated. This is not only incorrect, but statements like this show how out the game most “expert” SEOs are.
Why Do You NEED This Course?
Any self-respecting SEO should have an up to date understanding of PBNs. Even if you don’t plan to use them, you need to at least know what you’re up against in the battle of the SERPs.
Private blog networks have been a staple for the SEO industry for at least the last decade.

They’ve been used to:
– Rank sites that make over one million dollars per month
– Dominate the local search of entire cities
– Downrank competitors and give sites a truly unfair (but powerful) advantage

PBNs are in the SEO industry to stay, and they’re only going to get even more powerful as time marches on, which makes:
– Domains become more scarce. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with unique, sensible, highly relevant domain names.
– Links become more expensive. The cost of a decent back linking campaign is now starting to cost so much that you’ll spend 10x more trying to rank your site “organically” than by trying these methods.
– Sites get even stingier linking to other sites. Even if your content is highly relevant, Google has intimidated site owners out the giving even earned links.
If you aren’t doing SEO with PBNs, you’re running a sprint with one leg cut off.

What Does This Course Teach?
When I say it’s the definitive guide to PBNs, I mean it! Everything that you will ever need when it comes to building your network is covered.
– A Complete Introduction To Private Blog Networks
– Domain Forensics: Analyzing Potential Domains & How To Avoid Bad Buys
– PBN Domain Divesting – A COMPLETE Domaining Guide (Expired & Aged)
– How To Get Cheap, Premium Hosting For Your Network
– Using CDNs Properly To Further Diversify Your Network
– Secure Anti-Footprint PBN Setups (Dozens of Known Footprints Covered & A Checklist So You NEVER Miss One)
– The Safe Guide To PBN Posting & Links
– PBN Management & Stabilization For 2020 & Beyond
– How To Grow Your PBNs, Build New Links To Them & Increase Their Strength
– Foreign PBNs, How They Differ From English Language PBNs & How To Set Yours Up For Success
– How To Safely Test Your PBNs To See The Link Strength & Effectiveness

As well as a ton of other golden nuggets throughout to make sure your knowledge about and ability to use PBNs is complete.
PLUS this 12 module course comes with 2 FREE bonuses