Skillshare – How To MAKE Comics


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Skillshare - How To MAKE Comics
Skillshare – How To MAKE Comics
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This course is designed to help you bring your comic book to life! To finally bring your loose ideas into something solid, something you can create, print, and even sell!!
In this course we will cover-

  • What are Comics?

  • Coming up with concepts and ideas

  • Character concepts with Clayton Barton

  • Character sheets with Mike Van Orden

  • World Building – The Ws

  • World building – Architecture and themes

  • Script types

  • Shot Types

  • Shot composition

  • Composition exercises

  • Types of panels

  • Panel flow

  • Tangents

  • Dynamic vs Static with Chris Graves

  • Storyline and Tempo

  • Story beats

  • Thumbnailing Basics

  • Storyboarding thumbs with Jean-Claude De La Ronde

  • Color

  • Lettering – Fonts, Dialogues, and Word Bubbles

  • Lettering – Titles

  • Lettering – effect

  • Cover choices

  • Printing with Barry Gregory

  • Marketing with Rob Arnold 

  • Teambuilding with Rob Arnold 

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