Stoika and Vlad – Blaster Academy


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Stoika and Vlad - Blaster Academy
Stoika and Vlad – Blaster Academy | 2.17 GB

Marketing Expert
Stoica specializes in building, managing, and scaling businesses and finding profit and opportunities where others fail.
He has helped hundreds of small business with digital marketing and conversion optimization.

Vlad Cristian

Genious Coder
Vlad is an genius coder and has been described as the “loophole finder” because of his YouTube expertise and for finding hundreds of methods to profit from the YouTube algorithms.

Blaster Academy

Many of the people Vlad and Stoica have helped with Internet marketing have gone on to have incredible success in a very short amount of time after working with them. Many of them are now full time Internet marketers working full-time with their new businesses.

Here What You’ll Get:

Video Creation
Video Ranking
100% WhiteHat

– Training Module 1 – Keyword Research (Value: $467)
– Training Module 2 – Video Creation (Value: $367)
– Training Module 3 – SEO For Videos (Value: $367)
– Training Module 4 – Advanced Tricks (Value: $467)
– Software #1: Video Spin Blaster (Value: $67)
– Software #2: Split Blaster (Value: $47)
– Software #3: Pixo Blaster PRO (Value: $77)
– Software #4: Video Marketing Blaster (Value: $97)
– Software #5: Mass Video Blaster (Value: $147)
– Software #6: Live Blaster 2 PRO (Value: $127)
– Bonus: 5 Case Study Videos (Value: $1821)



Stoika and Vlad - Blaster Academy