STONE RIVER eLEARNING : Successful Meditation


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STONE RIVER eLEARNING : Successful Meditation
STONE RIVER eLEARNING – Successful Meditation | 1.64 GB

Consistency is key to meditation. The invitation is to be gentle with yourself. In the beginning set aside 10 minutes per day, Monday to Friday at the same time. Take a break for the weekend and come back to your practices on Monday.

A successful meditation practice will cut to the core of the distractions around you and help you to clearly identify what personal success means to you. The more time you are able to dedicate to your inner journey, the more skill you will have a noticing things and solving problems thereby becoming productive in your daily life. You will find that your interactions with others become a source of satisfaction and as a result you can redefine what happiness means to you.

This course contains over 50 lectures and 3.5 – hours of content! It is designed for you if you are curious about incorporating a meditation practice into your busy life.

I strongly believe in 3 key ideas:

#1) Education – learn about what matters to you;

#2) Coaching – practice and embody that learning; and

#3) Leadership – show up “fully and in presence” with others.



STONE RIVER eLEARNING : Successful Meditation