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StoryIQ – Data Storytelling for Business

StoryIQ - Data Storytelling for Business
Diedre Downing – Data Storytelling for Business | 750 MB

StoryIQ Self-Paced Online Data Storytelling for Business Learn to create compelling data stories at your own speed with this fascinating video-on-demand course.

Brochure Download We provide training to the world’s most prestigious companies. Concerning the course Data storytelling is a method of presenting data to a specific audience in a way that is personalized to their needs.

The finest data stories are informative, engaging, and motivate the audience to act. Our Data Storytelling for Business course gives students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of data storytelling. Learners will acquire the abilities to create powerful data visualizations with appealing tales by the end of the course. Focus the audience’s focus on the most important issues. Organize your slideshows. enhancedata visualizations to help tell a story What can our courses do for you? This course completely transformed the way I thought about and deliver presentations.

It carried with it a wealth of design and storytelling knowledge. It was three days of engaging and exciting learning that I will apply in my daily work without fail. I strongly advise it to anyone who has to give presentations to many parties. Rodrigues, Ana Senior IT Asset Manager, Cisco Learn how to present data effectively. Transform your graphs and use your knowledge to persuade your audience.

BeforeAfter Downing, Diedre StoryIQ’s Head of Learning Experiences Meet your teacher. Diedre Downing, an outstanding educator and data visualization keynote presenter, joins the StoryIQ team with over 15 years of teaching and facilitation expertise. During her 14-year stint at the New York City Department of Education, Diedre oversaw the development of virtual training programs for nearly 100,000 educators.





StoryIQ - Data Storytelling for Business