The Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Back by Dan Bacon – The Modern Man


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The Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Back by Dan Bacon - The Modern Man
The Modern Man – The Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Back | 2.86 GB

The fastest way to get your ex back is to actively make her have feelings for you again whenever you interact with her.

Don’t waste time ignoring her if she currently doesn’t have feelings for you. In most cases, a woman will simply move on when a guy (that she doesn’t have feelings for) actively ignores her.
Likewise, don’t waste your time and energy trying to convince her to give you another chance (e.g. telling her that things will be different now, you promise to change, you will do anything, etc) if she doesn’t have feelings for you.
She’s not going to care about how much you care, until you trigger her feelings for you again. At this point, all she really cares about is how she feels.
The only way to get her to change her mind NOW is to make her have some feelings for you NOW.
You’ve got to flick that switch inside of her.
Once you spark her feelings for you again, everything changes. Her guard comes down and you can guide her through the rest of the ex back process.
100s of guys that I’ve helped have already used this approach to get their woman back immediately or very quickly and you can do it too.
Trigger Her Feelings and She Will Want You Back
Right now, she might be saying that she doesn’t want anything to do with you, but don’t worry – pretty much every guy starts at that point when getting a woman back.
She is only saying that because what you are offering her now isn’t making her have enough feelings for you to want to be with you.
The negatives of your relationship are far outweighing the positives and unless you change that, she will continue on without you.
The secret is to begin saying and doing the things that naturally trigger her feelings of respect and attraction and love for you.
When you do that, she will automatically change how she thinks, feels and behaves in response to you.
She will feel drawn to you and you simply then need to follow the rest of the ex back process and she will be back in your arms again.
Turning Her Off or Turning Her On?
Have you been turning her off lately, or have you been saying and doing things that turn her on, make her feel attracted, make her feel respect for you, make her miss you and make her want to be with you?
All that matters to her is how she feels, so if you want to get her back, you MUST begin to make her have feelings that draw her to you and make her want to be around you.
The good news is that you (yes, you) can do that.
Other guys have done it and you can too.





The Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Back by Dan Bacon - The Modern Man