The Way of the Natural – Zan Enlightened Seduction

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The Way of the Natural – Zan Enlightened Seduction
Zan Enlightened Seduction – The Way of the Natural
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This person Zan uses a completely different way of picking up.Best you see for yourself. It does seem to be very different from MM or AM for that matter.
There’s a subset of men who move among women with ease.

These men are those who have learned the ability to see women in their natural state, who can see right through their makeup, their walls, their insecurities and their loss.

They see women as they really are.

We all know a natural, someone who has a natural facility with women and who is comfortable in the land of women.

Why is it that some men seem to have an aura, a presence, a way of drawing women into their reality?

What is it that sets these men apart from you? Can it be analyzed and described? Can it be taught? Can it be learned?

In this eye-opening volume, you will discover the traits common to all natural seducers. Every man in history who was good with women had all of these traits.

And interestingly enough, no other men have any of these traits. You either have all of them or none of them.

For the first time ever, this DVD will enable you to catch a glimpse into the mindset of a Natural.

These traits have never described before, and yet they are the very essence of true, enlightened seduction – the secrets that Naturals throughout history have always known.

A brief glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Techniques to engage a woman from across the room, without even having to walk over and introduce yourself. Knowing this will cut approach anxiety by 90% because by the time you talk to her, she already likes you!
Why she will sleep with you on the first night, but will make other guys wait until at least the third date or longer (which guy do you want to be?)
What Zan actually says when he approaches a woman!
How to completely negate her “qualification” process.
A fantastic technique to make her realize that you are a lover, not a player, and she is safe with you… safe enough to take you home on the first night you meet.
How to discover your own personal weaknesses, and either work around them, or banish them outright and move on!
The best topic you can possibly talk about on a date, or even when approaching women. This one simple topic (and you know a lot about it, guaranteed!) is ALWAYS and COMPLETELY FASCINATING to women… Knowing this will banish “awkward silences” from your conversations for good.
Zan’s inner beliefs about himself and how he relates to women. This is A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of men who are ULTRA successful with women, and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself
Techniques to turn on her unconscious mind, so that she’ll be drawn to you without knowing why.
The core of flirting… what it means to her, and how to engage it properly.
How to flirt with girls who have boyfriends!
How to ask her out on a date without being needy or giving up your power.
What parts of your personality are actually INTERESTING to women and how to put those out there for her to see.
How to drop the “approach anxiety” once and for all, and just bring the most attractive parts of yourself to the table, every time you approach a woman.
Why you have not just the right, but the duty to approach and seduce her! (this philosophy will BLOW YOU AWAY!)
The secret language that all women communicate with, and how learning it will get you past all their shields and traps!
The handful of few but specific attractive traits that women will always respond to.
How to spark chemistry right from the very start!
Ways to cultivate charisma, and develop a personality that women are drawn to.
Why looks and money are irrelevant.
How to master the art of conversation.
How to project an aura of confidence, even when you have none!
The type of humor that women find irresistible.
How to erase the notion of rejection from your life forever.
The seven stages of all modern relationships, so you always understand where you are and where you are going next.
A better way to build your relationships to make them stronger and deeper.
What you will do from this point on to ensure that all of your women will be devoted to you for the rest of your life.
A more enlightened approach to love and to life.
The chemistry of why women are attracted to a very specific type of man (and how to become him).
The secrets that have made Zan wildly successful with women over his career.
The difference between affection and attraction, and how to make her feel the one you want her to.
The limiting beliefs that all men have, and how to shed them in order to excel.
How Naturals deal with female “tests”.
Exercises that will help you grow your most attractive traits, and banishes those that hold you back.
The real communication tool of the Natural… FLIRTING. How to do it with just body language alone.
How to build and maintain SEXUAL TENSION, so hot that she’ll be the one to call you the next day.
And 4 hours more…



The Way of the Natural – Zan Enlightened Seduction