Tour De Force Course – Brute De Force


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Tour De Force Course - Brute De Force
Tour De Force Course – Brute De Force | 3.95 GB

I’ve been here before. For the 10,000th time I’m down to my last 2 grand. Most would say it’s dysfunctional. I say living life on someone else’s terms is dysfunctional.

Waltz into the coffee shop at 6am. Packed house. A liquid cigarette (espresso) slides into my hands. Tastes like motor oil. It makes me irritable. My first victory every morning is one over myself.

I’m at 2x the speed of every passerby. I’m a SPEARHEAD of purpose in a crowd of aimless wanderers. Daily occurrence. Strangers are constantly startled or jolted by my presence. I turn corners fast, I exit doors faster. Nitroglycerin in my veins.

I have a flight to catch. For the 4th time this week I’m flying into Las Vegas from Los Angeles with my net worth in my pocket.

As long as I have ammunition, I’m sending rockets into the abyss.

By 4pm, all my last cash will be in a straitjacket hitched to the outcome of multiple baseball games. I’m going all in. Hoping to get lucky. If I don’t, so be it. Luck only lends, never gives.

See, money doesn’t bring me peace of mind. My stronghold does. If I go broke, I’ll wake up a hellhound the next day and get right back into Olympic weightlifting, I’ll be at my steakhouse for dinner, I’ll make an appearance at the lounge.

My network is a zoo with exotic creatures. “Normal” people don’t make the rounds at these places.

I don’t take money seriously. I always have it because I always need it. I eat what I KILL.

I take my routine seriously. Take away my routine and nothing else is possible. It’s the Great Equalizer. It’s made me the creature that I am.

I don’t let rage combust inside me like dynamite in an apple core. I enslave my demons and make them push ridiculous amounts of weight. Don’t kill your demons. Put them to work.

Whatever damage your demons have dealt you, they deal double when unleashed on obstacles.

Understand that if you are not as physically strong as possible, you are leaving free health reserves on the table. You need all the health you can get for hardcore voyaging.

Strength is a narcotic. A perfectly strong man is a brutally simple creature. Everything else is play.

—-plane screeches down on the tarmac and I deplane like a thunderbolt from Zeus

I’m in the Holy City. There’s no sin here like the great myths say. Risk taking, sex, spirits, and smoke. Uncaged. Primal desires are virtuous, not sinful. Denial of the beast within is pretend. Pretend is sin.

I Gallup into the casino like a bull with nostrils flaring. Claws pawing at the ground. Look of a madman painted on my face. I have a no research policy when picking games. I don’t care about trends, pundits, “information.”





Tour De Force Course - Brute De Force


Tour De Force Course - Brute De Force