Trade Forex From A-z Like The Banks With Worked Examples by Shehryar Riaz


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Trade Forex From A-z Like The Banks With Worked Examples by Shehryar Riaz

Trade Forex From A-z Like The Banks With Worked Examples by Shehryar Riaz
Trade Forex From A-z Like The Banks With Worked Examples
Published 07/2022
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Language: English | Size: 1.83 GB | Duration: 17 lectures • 4h 18m

Forex Trading – Beginners and Experienced – Learn trading Hands on the right way! Support and Resistance DOES NOT WORK!

What you’ll learn
Fully comprehend the workings of the forex market
You’ll have a large arsenal of technical analysis tools when this course is completed
Understand how banks trade and manipulate retail traders
Why support and resistance doesn’t work
Know Forex terminology like Orderblocks, Supply and Demand, Liquidity, Imbalances, etc.

A willingness to be taught the right way
90% of traders gain their trading knowledge from retail traders and YouTube. Consequently, 90% of traders experience financial failure. This is because the bulk of the ideas that these institutions teach are not successful. The sole objective of the forex markets is to capture as many traders as possible into a losing transaction in order to hit a specific price target established by the central banks by the end of a specific time frame.

Hello, my name is Inceptive. I’ve been trading for over 5 years, and many of you may recognise me from YouTube or discord communities where I’ve taught. I began out like you, losing money repeatedly through retail concepts. It just didn’t make sense; if the principles were correct, I should have made money. After a year of trading, I came across smart money principles, and it has been much simpler to have profitable trades on a continuous basis since then. Successful traders will not reveal their trading secrets to you; I myself learned about these topics from a trader I met at a networking event, not online.

I recognise that forex trading is one of the most difficult jobs to pursue. There is a lot of misleading material available on the internet and on YouTube, and I do not recommend studying from these sources. Education is crucial to success in any field, and this course has been designed specifically for that purpose.

You will learn all you need to know in this course to start trading on the forex market immediately!

If you are a retail trader, you should be trading support and resistance, patterns, trendiness, and so on. You’ve undoubtedly realised that these ideas don’t work and simply lead to failure. There is only one way to win in the forex markets, and that is through smart money concepts, the vast majority of effective traders employ these notions and will not tell you.

We will show you how to perfect technical analysis with the following topics during this course

Determining the direction of the market every single day. 90% of traders fail to understand how to do this and even more fail to implement this


Identifying appropriate Supply and Demand levels


Analysing where banks enter the markets

Liquidity grabs

And Much more!

Except for killzones, our course is entirely reliant on price action. No indicators are employed. Indicators are not used by bank traders or professional traders; else, gaining money would be simple.

This Course was not discovered by coincidence; nothing in life happens by chance. So take the initiative and go into the deep end. See you inside :)

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to get into Forex Trading as a career
Anyone who wants to understand how financial markets really work
Anyone who wants to learn Technical analysis





Trade Forex From A-z Like The Banks With Worked Examples by Shehryar Riaz