TTC – Sketching People, Places Landscapes


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TTC - Sketching People, Places Landscapes
TTC – Sketching People, Places Landscapes | 8.05 GB

Taught by accomplished artists, the 34 lessons-divided into five modules-of Sketching People, Places, and Landscapes will teach you to:
Sketch lively urban spaces pulsing with movement, providing step-by-step guidance for drawing bustling streets, impressive buildings, and more.

Simplify any cityscape to capture the character of your favorite urban scenes as you get tips to sketch building façades, textures, windows, and much more.
Develop your drawing skills as you learn to capture the world around you in expressive compositions.
Sketch breathtaking landscapes with confidence using fundamental pen, ink, and watercolor techniques.
Master three simple steps for quickly sketching scenes with accurate perspective, lifelike proportions, and beautiful color.
Whether you’re an aspiring artist or already adept in the field, you’ll pick up incredible techniques that can be applied in almost any artistic endeavor. Starting with essential sketching techniques and taking you through the complicated concept of capturing perspective, each module is chock full of advice from renowned expert artists, whether you want to learn how to capture a building’s façade from an architectural illustrator or discover the four different skies and how to sketch them from an award-winning water color professor, and so much more.
Module 1: Essential Techniques for Sketching the Energy of Places
Simplify city scenes to create vibrant sketches with video lessons from Urban Sketchers correspondent and professional art instructor James Richards. Start with how to select your scene and draw believable crowds with proper proportions. Next, Jim will share his urban sketching tips for breaking down large buildings into basic shapes and textures. Ready to tackle placing and drawing trees, cars, and other urban features with confidence? Let Jim be your guide. Then, bring your work to life as you discover how to illuminate your sketches with watercolor washes and use opaque colors to refine the details. Jim will even help you use a step-by-step process to avoid being overwhelmed by complex city scenes.
Module 2: Sketching the City in Pen, Ink, & Watercolor
Build the skills you need to draw cities beautifully. With Urban Sketchers blog correspondent Shari Blaukopf as your guide, you’ll start with how to use thumbnails to simplify cityscapes quickly and choose a compelling composition. Kick off your urban sketch with Shari’s tips for drawing any building’s facade by blocking in big shapes and roughing in smaller ones before adding texture and detail in ink. Next, breathe vibrant life into your work by recreating a variety of building surfaces in watercolor. Ready to add key details to your sketches? Find out how to draw doors, windows, people, foliage, signs, and more. Move on to giving your city neighborhood greater form and dimension by refining the light and shadow in your work. Plus, Shari will discuss how to sketch breathtaking urban panoramas.
Module 3: Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday
Become a better artist with a portable, versatile companion-your sketchbook. Artist Paul Heaston shares an inspiring range of ways to use pencil, ink, and watercolor in your own on-the-go studio. Explore the world of sketching for beginners as you learn to accurately depict subject matter in dimensional space. Discover an array of texture-building ink techniques, and find out how to use this bold, impactful medium to express light and shadow. Infuse your work with color and character with Paul’s pro tips for painting smooth watercolor washes, and then combine what you’ve learned with valuable lessons on creating eye-catching compositions. Whether you want to depict people, architecture, or nature, you’ll gain the confidence and creative skills to fill up your sketchbook with artful, evocative work.
Module 4: Sketching Landscapes in Pen, Ink & Watercolor
Capture breathtaking landscape scenes with skill and ease. Learn how to sketch landscapes in the field or from a reference with step-by-step guidance from artist and teacher Shari Blaukopf. Start with how to select the right supplies, find the focus of your sketch, and orient your composition. Next, learn to paint the sky in all its glory using wet-on-wet paint application, mark-making techniques, and tips for creating perspective. Begin to bring your landscape features to life by breaking down the scene into manageable shapes. Once your shapes are sketched, you’ll learn to add textures and details that will make your scenes jump off the page. Then, Shari will help you build value to bring greater depth and interest to your sketch. You’ll even take a peek inside Shari’s sketchbooks and get tips for capturing the same subject in a variety of fresh and illuminating ways.
Module 5: Perspective for Sketchers
Easily sketch urban spaces and building interiors in perspective with urban sketcher and renowned instructor Stephanie Bower. Start by expanding your knowledge of foundational perspective sketching concepts. Build on these basics as Stephanie shows you how to simplify a building’s façade so that it’s easy to draw in detail. Gain confidence capturing different points of view as you learn how to draw from aerial, eye-level ,and worm’s-eye vantage points. Ready to make complex scenes simple to sketch? Find out how using three easy steps. Move on to using watercolors to recreate the light, shade, and shadow of your scene. Then, put your new skills to use sketching everything from interior spaces to bustling outdoor scenes.
In addition to hours of close-up instruction and essential tips from the experts that will bring your work to life, you’ll receive step-by-step techniques and challenging mini-projects. Each module includes the most important aspects any artist needs to know when it comes to realistic and vibrant sketching, ink, and watercolor works. If you love to draw on location, tell a story of your surroundings, and record the time and place you observe with a vibrant passion, this module will enable you to hone your skills and create fast, bold sketches with whatever tools you have on hand.





TTC - Sketching People, Places Landscapes