Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado
Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado

Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado


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Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado
Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado | 146 MB

Tried, Tested, And Proven Methods You Can Use To Build A 6-Figure Business With Twitter
Imagine tweeting a couple of times a day, and waking up with $100, $1000, $1500, $2500 – in your bank account a couple of days later.

Here’s a secret:

That’s totally possible with some Twitter magic.

Everything Changes When You Know How To Grow A Loyal Audience
Meet The People You’ve Been Following For Years On Social Media: you’ve bought their ebooks and courses. Imagine yourself doing business with them.

​Find The Dreamed Audience: There’s no need to stress about follower count, likes, retweets. when you grow the right audience, people will actually want to learn -and buy- from you.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income: Selling digital products, your skills, services, and products can become a profitable business for you. Imagine making money while you sleep. or like us. while taking a vacation.

​Get Fantastic Clients: Attract real, high-paying clients with less work and in less time without losing your soul.

Receive A Constant Influx Of Love, Praise, And Motivation: when you help others, a community of like-minded individuals will notice and its members will want to help you by sharing your content, liking your posts, and buying your products.

Profiting With Twitter While Living In A Small, Third World Caribbean Country
In July 2018, I decided to unfollow every politician, reporter, political analyst, and all-around negativity. Then, I started following business people, hustlers, and high-energy players.

Little did I know that this would change how I approached my business.

I’ve been a web designer for the last 10 years. I’ve lived in a small country in the Caribbean called The Dominican Republic my whole life. I’m married to a beautiful woman, with whom I have two young boys.

For years, I’ve always wondered.

“How The Hell Can I Make More Money With My skills?”
Years back, my wife and I decided to stay in the Dominican Republic, my home country. We did so even when we have the resources to migrate to a safer country.

We said to ourselves: “There’s so much to be done in our small island.”

How about that to make it harder on myself?

Back then, I thought that hard work was the answer to all my problems. So I spent countless sleepless nights hustling.

That didn’t work.

“Ummm. am I not good enough,” I asked myself. I figured that by building up my skills people would pay me more for being good at what I do.

Boy was I wrong!

After a while, I had the original idea of making money online.

I learned about building niche sites. Swing and a miss!

I also tried my luck posting on Facebook and Instagram. nope and nope.

The result? I gave up on this making money online for years.

Sounds familiar?


If you are tired of watching others find success and freedom online.

If you want actionable advice on how to Weaponize your Twitter account.

If you dream for a life of abundance, yet you find yourself in stagnation.

If you crave to learn the Twitter game and perfect it.

If you want to unearth the tricks to unlock your Twitter superpowers.

If you want to live a great life by leveraging Twitter truly.

It is my opinion to tell you that you are about to unravel how to take advantage of your true potential by using Twitter as your go-to app to get more out of life.

And you don’t need a large following to start profiting from it.

You could live in the middle of nowhere (just like me) and still profit from Twitter.

You only need to know the secret ways to engage with your Twitter tribe.

Twitter Can Be So Much More Than A Dumpster Fire. Why Twitter?
It requires little to no planning to tweet. Woke up money-hungry? Post your offers on Twitter.

It offers immediate communication with your tribe. Money loves speed. Twitter offers you that speed.

It’s more entertaining than all the other social media combined. Memes? Got it. Viral content? Go it. Awesome advice? Got it.

It’s adaptable. You can post photos, links, short videos, launch Periscopes, send direct messages all from one app.

People become addicted to your content fast. People on Twitter read. Reading great content creates addiction. And better, yet, since your audience loves reading, they won’t mind reading your offers.

Twitter Is A Money-Making Machine And You’re Missing Out
I started my Twitter journey in July 2018 with my 10-year account that I had never used other than tweet crap to my Dominican friends, read the news, and get some sweet dopamine.

I tweeted and tweeted, but the money wasn’t pouring into my bank account.

So I stopped tweeting because I thought it was not worth the hassle.

In August 2018, I decided to give Twitter another try, only to stop cold turkey in October even though I already had precisely 1000 followers.

“One last try,” I said to myself on October 15th. And posted my first offer on the 30th.

And by the end of November 2018, I was already making money with Twitter and had 3300 followers in total.

Making Money The Right Way Using Fierce And Ethical Tricks Of Persuasion On Twitter
Everything changed the day I started selling stuff on Twitter.

In just a few short months, I was able to quit my job, I started selling my products to my followers, I grew my freelancing business, and helped hundreds of people to do the same.

And I will reveal my system in this ebook.

No filters.

No fluff.

Straight 100% actionable advice from a man who once thought making money online was impossible.

I now know that making money is not only possible but easy.

And it’s easier with Twitter.

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Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado


Twitter Money Mastery with Jose Rosado