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Ty Cohen Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 with Ty Cohen | 15.01 GB

The 3-Step System To How He Makes $30,000 a Month In Completely Passive Income By Simply Uploading 25 Page Word Documents To Amazon.

What You Get:
Ty uses a unique 3-step system to sell tons of “Word documents” on the Amazon Kindle platform. He’s gotten this process down to a complete science that anyone can master and start generating income as early as next week!

Training & Full System – Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($4,500 Value)
Bonus #1 – The Money-Making Categories to Publish to. ($1,497 Value)
Bonus #2 – The Google Kindle Crunch. ($297 Value)
Bonus #3 – Money Multiplicity. ($1,497 Value)
Bonus #4 – Socializer. ($997 Value)
Bonus #5 – Exclusive Facebook Group. ($197 Value)
Bonus #6 – $5,000 a Month Case study ($497 Value)
Bonus #7 – $1,200 In Less Than 7 Days Case Study ($497 Value)
Bonus #8 – Top Secret

Here Is the Unique 3-Step System I Use To Consistently Generate $30,000 – In Montly Recurring Income Using The Kindle Platform.

#1. Market Research – So how do you find a niche to make money in?

This is where it gets fun.
Because I have a VERY simple 3 step formula to virtually guarantee you’re in a great niche.
So, most people who start an online business are doomed from day #1 and don’t even know it. Why? Because they choose the wrong niche to begin with!

The niche is too competitive.
The niche is too small.
The niche is not full of buyers.
The niche demands too much from the business.
The list goes on.

So, here’s how I resolve this:
#1 – I give you TWO websites you have to research – that’s it. ALL your answers for the perfect niche are at these two websites.
#2 – I give you exact NUMBERS. That means you just use the number, the formula. It’s black and white. If it fits, it fits, if not, move on.
#3 – I give you a final formula to put your numbers into. If it pans out, boom, you’re done.
That’s it!
With 3 layers of checks, you’re virtually guaranteed that you have the perfect niche to start in. By the way, I can find 10 – niches in about 60 minutes. This is not hard at all, just a simple system to follow.
#2. Create Great Content

Creating great content will put your book in position to flourish.
Honestly, you don’t have to create a single thing.
I’m going to show you a very simple way to outsource the ENTIRE process. I personally earn over $30,000 a month and I hate writing. I don’t have time to sit here and stare at my computer screen.
I just outsource it all for next to nothing.
There are THOUSANDS of people who are dying to do this for you and I’ll show you how to do it. You let THEM do the hard work but you own all the profits and returns!
#3. Effectively Use The Platform To Publish

Amazon is a great platform.
This is my favorite step because it’s so easy.
After your outsourcing is done, it takes about 30 minutes to just upload the file into Amazon and then you’re done. You sit back and just wait.
Amazon will take about 24 hours to activate your book and listing. After it gets approved, you’re done. You never have to touch the book, the listing, the page ever again. Never.
It just automatically turns into $500 a month in completely passive income (per book).
7 Reasons Why A Kindle Business Is Better Than Any Other Business Model.

“You Never Build Funnels, Buy Inventory or Ever Worry About Traffic!”

#1: 100% Passive Income – No Customer Support, No Updates, No Management.

You upload your word document once.
Amazon make it available to MILLIONS of people, most of them with credit cards saved on file, ready to buy at one click of a button.
Amazon does everything else – the customer support, the updates, the management, etc. Then deposits your check into any bank account of your choice.
That’s basically it.
#2: 100% Scalable – In Your Control, More Books = More Money

Like I said, with Amazon you only need to follow a 3-step process once, and make money from it over and over without ever looking at it again.
Then wash, rinse, and repeat. Upload as many books as you like, and sell them over and over.
#3: Only $200 Start-Up Capital For Your Business.

Even better is the fact that you can have 90% of the work done for you for just $200.
Show me another business model where you can invest less than $200, basically do nothing – and make 70% in profits every single month.
For the rest of your life.
#4: No Website or Funnel Ever Needed.

Amazon already has the platform. All you have to do is upload your word documents to the Kindle Platform and Amazon will handle the rest.
#5: No Traffic, Advertising or Marketing

Amazon is already a well recognized name on the internet with MILLIONS of users. That means the traffic is already there.
All you have to do is upload your document once and then Amazon just markets it FOR you – all to their existing users.
I can show you how to do this easily.
#6: No Product Inventory Ever Needed.

You may not even remember what the book is about in 2 months. You never have to print anything, store anything, warehouse anything, refill inventory – nothing.
After you upload it, Amazon will handle it all. When someone buys, Amazon will automatically shoot it off into their Kindle platform.
You NEVER have to worry about inventory, overhead, or shipping physical products anywhere.
#7: Works In Every Major Language In The World – Infinitely Scalable!

Amazon is an internet juggernaut, and it services everyone with internet access. You can upload a word document in ANY language and instantly be selling it ALL OVER THE WORLD. Instantly.



Ty Cohen Kindle Cash Flow 2.0