Udemy – Advanced Web Animations with GSAP [ JavaScript SVG CSS ]


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Udemy - Advanced Web Animations with GSAP [ JavaScript SVG CSS ]
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.41 GB | Duration: 3h 0m
Learn the Core of Greensock Animation Platform [ GSAP ]. Building advanced web animations using jаvascript SVG & CSS

What you’ll learn
Basic concepts of the GSAP library [Gsap object, Tween & common methods for it creating, Timeline tool, Position parameters, Basic animation control methods]
Animation methods and properties of the GSAP core [purpose, syntax, application features, examples of using]
GSAP core plugins [AttrPlugin, CSSPlugin, ModifiersPlugin, EndArrayPlugin, SnapPlugin]
This course contains 24 unique animation projects which illustrate the features of the properties and methods included in the core of the GSAP library
In this course, you will learn in-depth knowledge of the methods and properties of the GreenSock GSAP library core. The course also includes information about the plugins built into the core.
At the beginning of each lesson, theoretical information about the studied material is presented, then practical examples follow to consolidate new knowledge.
All animations presented in the course are attached to the corresponding lessons in the archives.
1. Introduction
– Promotional video for the course
– Installing the library
2. Basic GSAP concepts
– jаvascript object & gsap object
– Tween
– Common methods for creating a Tween
– Timeline tool
– Position parameter
– Basic animation control methods
– set() method
3. GSAP capabilities in depth
– set() method
– Staggered animations [numerical values part1]
– Staggered animations [numerical values part2]
– Staggered animations [configuration objects]
– Staggered animations [functions as values]
– Animation construction logic nteractivity
– Animation construction logic [Recursion]
4. GSAP core Plugins
– AttrPlugin [Animation of SVG filters]
– CSSPlugin [Part 1: general information]
– CSSPlugin [Part 2: Animation of complex values]
– CSSPlugin [Part3: Simultaneous animation of 2d and 3d properties]
– CSSPlugin [Part4: xPercent, yPercent]
– CSSPlugin [Part5: Directional rotation]
– CSSPlugin [Part6: Animation of CSS filters]
– ModifiersPlugin
– ModifiersPlugin [Part 2]
– EndArrayPlugin
– SnapPlugin
5. Bonus section
– Bonus lesson
Teaching methodology of this course:
-> Study topic ->
-> theoretical overview of the method ->
-> setting a specific task ->
-> implementation ->
-> Conclusions
Who this course is for:
jаvascript developers
CSS developers
Html developers
website designer
frontend developers
UX/UI designer
creative people interested in learning new things
for people who collect a unique library of knowledge in order to have access to it from anywhere in the world
In general: everyone who is interested in web animation