Udemy - Become A Diesel Generator Engineer- In just 5.5 Hours !
Udemy – Become A Diesel Generator Engineer- In just 5.5 Hours !

Udemy – Become A Diesel Generator Engineer- In just 5.5 Hours !


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Udemy - Become A Diesel Generator Engineer- In just 5.5 Hours !
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 19 lectures (5h 28m) | Size: 4.5 GB
Learn and increase your income to multiple folds -Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Production

What you’ll learn:
This is the 1st training course in the world that covers complete diesel generator under one course only. Engineering theories and technology concepts involved in all trio mechanical/electrical/logical parts of diesel generator are well explained, whether it is diesel engine or AC generator or Sheet metal fabrication, or powder coating or PLC programming or Testing & quality control, all above sections are well addressed in this course according to world wide standards.
Learn and increase your income to multiple folds.
A desire to learn.
* Detailed learning of: Diesel generator Installation Basics, Ratings and performance classes G1 to G4 as per ISO8528-1, Assembly of engine alternator and radiator with checkpoints, Endplay measurement with dial gauge and its effects on engine, construction of exhaust line and checkpoints, canopy assembly, electrical load testing with transient responses. Sound level testing as per ISO 8528-10, Vibration testing as per ISO 8528-9, Limiting ambient test (LAT), back pressure testing and its effect of genset performance, incoming inspection and process quality plans.
* Diesel Engine – Basic construction, Parts, Exhaust system, Mufflers, type of Governors their merits and demerits speed droop and isochronous PID system analogue and digital governor cards, Engine derating, Engine electrical system, sensors, Starter Motor and solenoid, engine vibrations, noise level, End play of crank shaft, SAE numbers, Assembly of radiator.
* AC Generator- Basic electrical theories, Main parts of alternator and their check points, winding insulation classes as per IEC 60085 (2008) and IEEE Std-1, temperature rise exception according to ISO8528-3 and IEC60034-1, duty type S1 & S10, Automatic voltage regulator, PMG, Wiring looms, Batteries and cable selection, Control Panel and genset controller, PLC controller Configuration, switch gears, wiring diagrams, electrical load calculation, Power factor basics, genset ratings, rating plates, unbalanced and balance loading.
* Sheet Metal Fabrication: CNC punching basics, bending machine (Press Brake) basics, Die selection, K factor, bend allowance and deduction calculations, Spring Back.
MIG Welding: Basics of welding process, machine basics and settings, welding distortions, Welding Fixtures, pneumatic fixtures, Surface Finishing.
* Powder Coating: Theory behind powder coating process, Powder coating gun working principal, Electrostatic deposition, powder curing basics, powder application defects, faraday cage effect, surface defects, curing oven and temperature profile, Pretreatment types, comparison of spray and dip type pretreatments, Zinc phosphate process, Corrosion classes as per ISO and NS, DFT Measurement, SSPC PA-2, Impact test, Bend test, Crosscut adhesion test, salt spray test and major checkpoint, humidity and UV testing.
A lot of more things based on my experience and field work…..
* This course is designed for technicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, students or anyone has the interest in electrical and mechanical engineering. We promise and wish you after completing this course you will reach up to new heights in your carrier. This course will provide much confidence to new comers to enter in the genset industry. Technicians/Engineers/Managers already working in genset industry would come to know how to do their work in perfect way as per worldwide standards.
* Moreover this course would increase understanding within all hierarchy levels.
* And every person involved in Genset business can grow up to new heights in their career after completing this course.
Who this course is for
Engineers/Managers/Technicians working in Diesel generator industry and of course owners and any one involved in diesel generator business, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Students or anyone having interest in engineering,
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Students and Working Professionals