Udemy – Japanese N5 – Full 10 Interactive Units (8 hrs)


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Udemy - Japanese N5 - Full 10 Interactive Units (8 hrs)
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Language: English | Size: 4.94 GB | Duration: 8h 0m
Learn most useful N5 Japanese in once! ( Full Units with : Vocatbulary, Common Usage, Conversation & Grammar )

What you’ll learn
Able to use Japanese in life terms / daily conversation / sightseeing / travel terms
Learn standard Japanese pronunciation with native tutor
Absorb complete knowledge of basic grammatical rules step by step
Understand N5 vocabulary, sentences, and conversations
Learn words often found in Japanese animation
Hello everyone~ I am your Japanese learning partner – Hinako (ひなこ).
Are you looking for a complete course that can easily learn Japanese? This course contains vocabulary, Japanese common sense, conversation, and grammar “Together with Japanese” will be a good choice for you.
In this course, you will learn Japanese easily with an interactive experience.
1. There are no complicated sentence patterns and grammar in the single word content that can focus on learning the necessary pronunciation and example sentences
2. All examples are close to the real Japanese situation
3. There are picture-assisted reviews in each unit, allowing you to confirm the memory of the vocabulary at any time
4. In this vocabulary tutorial, you can just listen to it with ears and read repeat it with your mouth to understand the meaning of the sound which is just like an audio e-book
1. Numbers: Japanese numbers are more complicated than you think. Let’s learn different ways of saying time, date, and quantifiers with a Japanese teacher.
2. Verb Tense: The key to learning verbs is to know how to make changes in form. From the composition, form, differentiation, and change of verbs, this class will help you understand the usage of Japanese verbs.
3. Position: Up, down, left, right, front, side… These common directions will be taught with pictures. This is really practical when traveling to Japan to ask for directions!
1. Abundant Japanese practical conversation topics:… etc.
2. Be able to speak in Japanese and learn daily life in Japan through-the-scenes animation
3. Master the usual conversations in real Japanese situations
After learning hiragana and katakana, the most important next step is to lay a solid foundation for Japanese grammar
1. Start from the most basic Japanese sentence patterns, and learn how to use Japanese incorrect structure step by step
2. These courses contain the notes of main points to help you memorize and understand rapidly
3. Before the beginning of each unit, an introduction of the key points of grammar is provided, so that you can catch the key points as soon as starting the class
If you want to learn Japanese well, just start now! d(`・∀・)b
I’m Hinako (ひなこ), looking forward to seeing you in this class.
Who this course is for:
Learners who want to learn Japanese in basic level
Learners who can read Japanese syllabary or romaji notation
Learners who have the goal of achieving JLPT N5
Learners who want to speak Japanese in Daily life
Learners who plan to register in a Japanese language school and want to strengthen basics Japanese
Foreign employees working in a Japan company who needs Japanese enhancement