Udemy – SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design (2021)


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Udemy - SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design (2021)
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 11 lectures (55m) | Size: 123.4 MB
Master all SOLID principles and write clean and well-designed code in Object Oriented Languages in less than 2 hours

What you’ll learn:
Learn how to follow SOLID principles
Develop an intuitive understanding of SOLID principles
Discover how to design and write robust and maintainable object-oriented code Develop an intuitive understanding of SOLID principles
Understand what is Object Oriented Design and its components
There are no prerequisites for taking this course
In this course you’ll master SOLID principles – a set of guidelines for designing clean and maintainable software systems. By learning SOLID principles, you’ll gain a deeper understanding into the magnificent world of software architecture.
SOLID principles embody more than 40 years of academic research and industry experience, distilled by several generations of software developers. Therefore, by mastering SOLID principles, you learn universal, time-proven tools for delivering high-quality software to your users.
Anyone can code. But what differentiates a professional software engineer from a hobbyist coder is how well-designed and well-coded the final product is. Code quality is hard to come by. Unfortunately, most coders start straight without understanding basic concepts of software design. This course will help a budding coder, as well as an established programmer who wants to learn better design and write quality code.
It is really important that you grasp the core concepts of SOLID thoroughly. Once you get the fundamentals right, writing quality code will come naturally to you. There are tons of free YouTube videos on SOLID, but they try to teach you in bits and pieces, and don’t pick the right analogies and code snippets. What you need is a holistic picture, which is what this course aims to provide. I have spent considerable time and effort to come up with the content for this course. Each and every concept, each and every analogy, each and every code example has been meticulously picked in such a way the design principles stick to your mind. I have used graphical illustrations and real world analogies wherever possible to drive home the point.
No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. I respect your time. The course material is succinct, yet comprehensive. All important concepts are covered. Particularly important topics are covered in-depth.
Take this course, and you will be satisfied!
Who this course is for
Any programmer who wants to write more maintainable and optimal code