Udemy - The Ultimate Oracle SQL Course SQL Made Practical
Udemy – The Ultimate Oracle SQL Course SQL Made Practical

Udemy – The Ultimate Oracle SQL Course SQL Made Practical


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Udemy - The Ultimate Oracle SQL Course SQL Made Practical
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Language: English | Size: 7.92 GB | Duration: 16h 5m
What you’ll learn

You will be able to use Oracle SQL to retrieve, filter, analyze, format and present information from Oracle databases.
You will be able to use SQL to insert, modify and delete information from Oracle databases.
You will understand Oracle SQL code written by other people and feel confident to modify it.
You will be able to write the SQL code needed to solve the most common problems found in real work situations and academic tests.
Please note that PL/SQL is not covered in this course.
No prior Oracle SQL knowledge is required. You will learn Oracle SQL from scratch (if that is what you need).
If you want to install your own Oracle SQL database, you will need a computer running Windows or Linux, where you can install and run applications (A computer running (Mac OSX) can be used as well, but you will need to run your database software on a virtual machine).
You should have a real desire to learn Oracle SQL and time to watch the lectures and practice the concepts as suggested by the instructor.
* List Price of this Oracle SQL course has been temporarily reduced from $129.99 to $24.99
* Covers Oracle Database 11g, Oracle 12c, Oracle 18c, and Oracle 19c
Oracle is currently the most popular relational database management system in the world. It is used by thousands of big companies who are usually willing to pay good salaries to the right people, which includes those with practical Oracle SQL knowledge that is based on best practices and experience.
Most SQL courses give you theoretical SQL knowledge. In this course, you will learn by actually writing code.
Learn Oracle SQL in a practical and smart way and jump-start your career as an Oracle SQL developer:
Get comfortable writing code using Oracle SQL Developer.
Learn how to read, filter, and sort information from database tables.
Learn how to use all types of operators in Oracle SQL.
Learn how to use numeric, text, date, conversion, aggregate, analytic, and other types of Oracle SQL functions.
Learn how to add, modify, and delete information from Oracle databases using SQL.
Learn how to use SQL to create and use tables, constraints, sequences, indexes, and views.
Learn all SQL basics plus intermediate and advanced features and techniques.
Get tips and knowledge that is usually only learned through years of SQL experience.
Much more.
Carlos created this course because most courses, if not all, focus too much on “telling” or “demonstrating” how to do things, but don’t give you, as a student, the opportunity to test and practice what is being taught. Some of them tell you to practice or to do things along with the instructor, but unfortunately, such an approach doesn’t really work. Seeing how things are done or just copying or repeating what you see on the screen is not going to help you learn SQL. You might feel that you are learning, but when the time comes for you to write a command on your own, you are most likely not going to feel very confident.
Here you will learn and practice much more than just SQL basics.
Content and Overview:
This course was designed with beginners in mind, but if you have some previous SQL knowledge, you will still learn a lot. After setting the learning environment, it starts with the most basic concepts about databases in general and a very short introduction to Oracle and the SQL language.
You will start learning about the simplest SQL statements, and before you even notice it, you will have covered all the SQL basics and will be gradually progressing to more advanced concepts.
The course includes several topics that some people, including experienced developers and other instructors, consider advanced, such as Analytic Functions, Hierarchical Queries, Pivot and Unpivot features, and many more.
It does not include demonstration lectures because the whole course is a coding demonstration. In 90% of the video lectures, you will be watching the instructor’s computer screen while he types, explains, and runs Oracle SQL code.
It does not include labs at the end of each section because practically every lesson has a coding task for you to practice what you are learning.
Please note that PL/SQL (Oracle’s procedural language) is not covered in this course.
The instructor will not only teach you SQL. He will share his decades of Oracle experience with you through what he calls “experience tips”. Those tips can really help you differentiate and stand out.
Final words from the instructor:
You could be being seen as an experienced and knowledgeable SQL developer by your friends, peers, and potential employers in a very short time, but you have to take action. If you want my help, you’ve got it.
Who this course is for:
Aspiring application or database developers looking to acquire solid SQL knowledge to improve their careers.
College/University students who need SQL knowledge to pass their database-related courses.
Anyone with only basic SQL knowledge wanting to solidify their skill and use the language with confidence.
This course is not for you if you are already an experienced Oracle SQL developer looking to learn the most advanced features of the language.
This course is not for you if you are looking for a theoretical course.