Udemy – Top Destinations App in SwiftUI w Maps & Lottie Animation


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Udemy - Top Destinations App in SwiftUI w Maps & Lottie Animation
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 48.0 KHz
Language: English | Size: 796 MB | Duration: 1h 45m
Learn to build custom Hero Animation while building out complete app from start to finish with maps & Lottie annotation

What you’ll learn
SwiftUI Animations
Maps in SwiftUI
JSON Parsing in SwiftUI
Generics in SwiftUI
Welcome to the top destinations video course. In this video course, you will learn to build out Top Destinations app from start to finish. In this video course you will learn to build app in SwiftUI. This course will cover Hero animation and you will see how iOS platform’s internals of building matchedAnimation by building it from scratch on your own.
You will learn to build out UI from data that has been parsed from JSON file. You will learn to parse JSON file using generics but will also learn to map custom keys to swift objects using CodingKey enumeration.
You will be building Home Screen with data that has been parsed from JSON file and then use SwiftUI animation techniques to build and launch hero animation.
You will be building custom card layout which will expand via hero animation to show more details about the selected destination.
You will learn basics of Maps in SwiftUI and how to integrate MapKit into SwiftUI apps. You will look at various overloads that can be used to customize the maps along with SwiftUI modifiers that can be applied on Map views itself.
You will learn Swift Package Manager by integrating Lottie animation package into the app.
We will create custom annotations to mark locations on map and we will use Lottie animation for those marked locations so you will learn to integrate Lottie animation into SwiftUI as well
Please join me in this journey to explore SwiftUI at its best.