Udemy -Unity Virtual Reality Dev Beat Boxer, a Rhythm Fitness Game


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Udemy -Unity Virtual Reality Dev Beat Boxer, a Rhythm Fitness Game
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 35 lectures (4h 5m) | Size: 2.11 GB
Build your very own Virtual Reality (VR) rhythm fitness game, Beat Boxer, using Unity 3D, C# and VRTK

What you’ll learn:
Learn to create a rhythm fitness game called ‘Beat Boxer’, similar to games like Beat Saber and Super Natural.
Learn to create advanced mechanics, as see in games like Beat Saber and Super Natural.
Learn to create a sophisticated Diegetic UI, providing the player with a host game stats.
Learn to write C# Event driven Code.
An Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive headset or an Oculus Quest with a link cable.
A computer that supports your VR headset, in terms of hardware required.
Know how to setup your VR device for development.
Comfortable with using the Unity editor for basic scene editing.
Basic C# knowledge for Unity.
Welcome to the ‘VR Beat Boxer’, game development course, where you will learn to create a clone, of the extremely popular rhythm fitness games like Beat Saber, and Super Natural.
Build once and deploy to both Oculus and Steam VR devices, with ease.
This course, teaches you everything you need to know, to build your very own VR Beat Boxer rhythm fitness game, using the world class Unity Engine.
Unity is the top rated game engine, when it comes to developing VR apps and games. VRTK on the other hand is a battle-tested VR solution for Unity. Several block buster games have been made using Unity and VRTK.
VRTK 4 in conjunction with Unity, has changed the dynamics of VR development. No other game engine comes even close, to providing you with such advanced functionality for VR development, as does VRTK 4 with Unity.
This course makes understanding VRTK 4, super easy, and the Beat Boxer game you develop, will be a complete game, you could even publish to both Oculus and Steam.
The VRTK 4 framework takes care of all the heavy lifting, in terms of VR Mechanics required. You only add a little extra code, to pull it all together, the way you want it to work.
Once you have taken this course, you will be poised, to create amazing rhythm fitness games, like Super Natural an Beat Saber.
This course is aimed at beginner to intermediate Unity users, who need to know their way about the Unity editor, for basic scene editing. A basic knowledge of C# programming for Unity is also required, where you need to know what a Class is, what a method is, have knowledge about C#’s basic variable types, if statements and loops.
This course will take you through everything, step by step and give you plenty of practice along the way.
You will need to have access to a 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) headset, for Steam VR or Oculus only.
You could use a Steam VR headset like the HTC Vive, or an Oculus Rift, or an Oculus Quest (both 1 and 2 will work fine), which are some of the more popular, 6 DOF headsets available, and the ones this course has been tested against.
If using the Oculus Quest, it would be advisable to have a link cable, as deploying a build to the headset, each time you test is not very practical, and would be time consuming.
Please use Udemy’s Q & A, for any explanations you seek from my end, related to this course.
This course will continue to be updated, as new VR mechanics evolve.
Become a VR Game Developer now, and create some amazing Games!
– Chris,
Game Works
Who this course is for
Beginning to Intermediate Unity developers, looking for a fun way to enhance their skills, by building a rhythm fitness game.
Oculus Quest, Rift or HTC Vive owners wanting to create their very own VR game.
A VR Hobbyist, wanting to get into VR game development.