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WANTED - Dating for Men simplified - Thinkific
WANTED – Dating for Men simplified | 3.3 GB

Dating for Men simplified – Learn how to become more attractive, more confident and more engaging with women

What You’ll Learn
– The Full Attractiveness System
– My 3-Part Authentic Attractiveness for Men Formula
– Attractiveness From Within
– First Impression Boost
– The Secret to Approaching Women
– Flirting Skills Boost
– How To Put it all Into Action

Full course content
1. Introduction
2. Understanding Women – extended
3. Values and Visions for Your Love Life
4. Set Your Goals Right
5. Align Your Beliefs
6. Attractiveness from Within
7. How to Get the First Impression Right
8. How to Approach a Woman
9. How to Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills
10. Social Calibration
11. The Roadmap to Ultimate Charisma
12. What’s Next?






WANTED - Dating for Men simplified - Thinkific