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Women - RSD Todd
RSD Todd – Women
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“Over the years, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of students embark on their journey in game.
Of those thousands, only 2% ever reach truly advanced level game.

Only 2% actually get the 9’s and 10’s that the rest can’t even approach.
And you guessed it, it’s that same 2% that understand the FULL Truth about what women want.
Who are these 2%?
They’re NOT exactly the best looking or the richest or the tallest.
Honestly they’re not even the guys that “go hard” 7 nights a week…
… or rearrange their whole lives around women.
In fact, they’re all just smart regular guys who figured out ONE THING.“
Emotions & Thoughts Are Everything
Specifically HER emotions and HER thoughts are everything.
The top 2% know that the key to getting any girl is to understand her better than she understands herself.
The more they know WHAT a girl is thinking and feeling… …
the more they can reach a point of DEEP CALIBRATION where almost everything they do makes the girl
CHASE Harder and Harder.
Calibration at the level of practically reading the girl’s mind before even SHE knows what she’s thinking.
Getting to that level of calibration, in combination with an unstoppable outer-game skill-set,
is the simple effortless formula to advanced level game.
It’s the formula I’ve used for over 15 years to have the sex and dating life of a celebrity.
And it’s the formula that will get you there as well no matter if you’ve been in the game for years or just days.
The top 2% don’t believe in taking action.
They believe in taking SMART action.
Highly calibrated action designed to get results with the hottest girls.
Since the beginning of pickup, true female psychology and deep calibration have really only been effectively taught through hundreds of hours of live in-field coaching.
Unfortunately, that level of knowledge and training has been out of reach for the vast majority of guys…until now.
Smart Action = Action rooted in the tenets of real world female psychology
– Todd Valentine
Who is Women For?
I consciously made Women specifically for beginners and intermediates that know they’re missing something major in their game.
For both beginners and intermediates, uncalibrated game is the single biggest sticking point for almost every student I see.
It’s also the main reason why you’re just not getting the quality of girl you know you should be getting.
The sooner you can understand how the girl thinks and feels on an intuitive level, the sooner you’ll start to see results that might initially shock you.



Women - RSD Todd