Academind Pro – Git & GitHub : The Practical Guide


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Academind Pro - Git & GitHub : The Practical Guide
Academind Pro – Git & GitHub : The Practical Guide | 613.9 MB

Learn how to manage your projects with Git & GitHub – No previous knowledge is required, everything explained for everyone in easy to understand examples! What is Version Control?

Saving & accessing data and tracking changes is what version control is all about. No matter if you’re working on a private or a professional development project, code evolves, changes and continuously gets improved. A clean version management structure is therefore key to successfully manage the progress of your projects.

What is Git?

Git is a 100% free version management tool, specifically created for and used by developers all over the world to manage project code history locally on their machines (Windows, macOS, Linux/Unix).

What is GitHub?

GitHub is an online service, it is also free for many use-cases (just an account must be created) and it brings Git’s local “file-tracking” strengths to the cloud. Storing project code online, accessing other team members’ code or even updating code – all possible with the help of GitHub!

Why Should I Know these Tools?

Every project needs proper version control so not knowing Git and GitHub makes your daily developer life a lot more complicated (same if you’re currently looking for a new job in the industry). Although Git and GitHub are user-friendly, both come with their own logic and “language”. Getting started therefore can be a bit cumbersome and this is where this course comes into play!

What do I Learn in this Course?

This course starts at the very basics, no prior Git or GitHub knowledge is required! You’ll learn how to use Git and how to write Git commands in the Mac Terminal or the Windows Command Prompt (refreshers on both are also part of the course).

Starting with the first initialization of a so-called Git repository, we’ll build up your knowledge step-by-step and understand the what & why behind concepts like branches, commits, the staging area, merging & rebasing, cloning, pushing & pulling branches and a lot more!

What’s Inside this Course?

Git Download & Installation
Git Theory – Working Directory, Staging Area (Index) and Repository explained
Creating Git Repositories
Working with Commits
Understanding Branches
Understanding the HEAD and the detached HEAD
Newly Introduced Git Commands with Git Version 2.23
Deleting Data (Staged & Unstaged, Commits & Branches)
Ignoring Files
The Stash
Merging, Rebasing and Cherry Picking
Bringing Back Deleted Data with the Reflog
Connecting Local Git Repositories to Remote GitHub Repositories
Git Push & Pull (+ Fetch)
Local, Remote Tracking & Remote Branches
and so much more!
All covered, explained and applied in easy to understand examples in the course!





Academind Pro - Git & GitHub : The Practical Guide