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Asian Efficiency Finisher's Fastlane
Finisher’s Fastlane with Asian Efficiency | 4.09 GB

Finisher’s Fastlane
The Key to Finishing What You Start and Achieving Your Goals
Our system is the key to doing the Deep Work that will finally let you start and finish everything you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Do you feel like you’re overflowing with ideas and new opportunities, but you don’t know where to start?

We have practical steps to help you zoom out, prioritize, and work on what matters.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Finisher’s Fastlane:
5 Focus Hacks to boost your focus immediately – you can do these TODAY and feel the results instantly
How to get clarity on your big goal and vision for the future
How to organize your calendar and schedule for Deep Work
How to prioritize your projects and tasks so you always focus on the right things
How to organize your desk and office for optimal focus and performance
How to find the ONE THING you need to work on – even if you have 100 – items on your to-do list right now
The right way to politely deal with a boss or manager who disrupts your focus (and get back to your work that matters)
How to say no without hurting anyone’s feelings, so you can firmly prioritize your focus
How to balance multiple, competing goals from multiple sources (essential if you work in a corporate setting) – Elite only
The power of tailored conversation, and how Brooks’s coworker used it to land a phenomenal promotion offer – Elite only

You’ll receive these focus boosters via:
38 videos that take you through our focus system step by step.
Action plans to help you put the information into concrete action.
All the presentation slides, so you can easily review the info from the videos.
38 transcripts, so you can read along at your own pace.

3 Bonuses Guaranteed To Boost Your Focus

1. Procrastination Masterclass
Learn our 6 practical techniques for defeating procrastination, so you always get done what need to, when you need to.

This will work for you:
Even if you’re a chronic procrastinator with a life-long habit of starting your projects at the last minute
Even if you feel undisciplined and can’t “force yourself” to do things
Even if you’ve already tried a million different things, like rewarding and punishing yourself, getting an accountability partner, or scheduling times when you “don’t procrastinate.”
Even if you have a habit of fiddling around with app settings, color coding your calendar, and organizing all the files on your desktop rather than buckling down and doing your work
No more late nights making up for wasted time. This course is not available for sale anywhere else, so get it now while you can – free.

You’ll learn:

How to sit down and start working in 5 minutes, no matter how unmotivated you feel
How to conquer the overwhelm preventing you from starting a project, even if you have to read 10 – emails and read 5 different files just to get started
How to determine what you can start on when you’re waiting on input or deliverables from another person

2. Shiny New Object Masterclass
If you lose focus or get distracted easily, this ultra-specific masterclass is for you. You’ll learn how to say “no” to time-wasting apps, and how to avoid the trap of trying out to-do list app after to-do list app.

This Masterclass will help you even if:

You have a history of signing up for online courses, taking 20% of the material, and not following through
You have a habit of signing up for every new productivity app that comes out, hoping this will finally be the one that helps you focus and work on your goals
You’ve started and stopped 10 – different productivity systems.GTD, 12 Week Year, you name it
No more time-wasting hours spent setting up apps and reading random blog posts. We’ll help you cut through the noise of shiny new objects and focus on what matters.

You’ll learn:

How to save that shiny new object for later, so you can focus on what you need to now – without worrying you’ll forget about something you might want to try later
How to quickly size up an app to see if it’s worth your time (hint: this is something a lot of people don’t consider, and it will quickly tell you whether an app has longevity or is just a flash in the pan)
How to pick a system (whether it’s note taking, using a calendar, setting up a to-do list, or something else) and stick with it long enough to see whether it’ll more jumping from system to system, only for each one to fizzle out

3. Focus for Parents Masterclass
It can be hard to focus when you’re responsible not just for yourself, but additional humans who depend on you for everything!

This will work for you, even if:

Last-minute changes in your kids’ plans are constantly throwing a wrench in your schedule
You can never get a quiet half-hour alone to focus on your work
You can’t imagine getting up early for “me” time, because you’re too exhausted and even if you did, your kid would wake up, find you, and pull you into a crayon/homework/cartoon vortex
We’ve interviewed 50 – parents to find the focus tactics that work, no matter how crazy your schedule is or how young your kids are.

You’ll learn:

How to get at least 1 solid hour a day to yourself for Deep Work
How to gain control of your schedule, no matter how many times the babysitter cancels at the last minute or science projects have to be both started and finished the night before
How to drown out the distractions and focus – no matter how much kid-induced chaos is going on in the background



Asian Efficiency Finisher's Fastlane