Be Fearless Package – The Fearless Man


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Be Fearless Package – The Fearless Man

Be Fearless Package - The Fearless Man
Be Fearless Package – The Fearless Man | 24.5 GB


This Experience video library will take you inside our flagship intensive where we really take students deeper into their self-discovery and paint a much clearer picture through experiential work and demonstrations of what it looks like to be a man who can stand in front of a woman, connect with her and create sexual chemistry with her, be grounding, and create a container for her. And it’s really all about focusing on the little 1% subtle bits of sub-communication that speak volumes when it comes to triggering attraction.
Here’s What You’ll Learn:
– The real secrets that help you connect and relate to women in a way that she feels comfortable and trusts you – almost everyone gets this wrong!
– Build overall confidence for your career & life – it all boils down to beliefs and fearlessness Move past blocks holding you back from the women you desire
– Power exercises to help you claim your confidence and power around beautiful women and and all social situations
– Learn the dynamics of a powerful and fun communication and how to never run out of things to say
– You’ll find out how to master the art of making deep connections and conversations in as little as 30 minutes
– Discover my secret formula to conversations that never die out
– You’ll see and learn from 10 real student demos on how to create and use sexual tension to create attraction
– The simple idea of how to never let rejection make you feel down. It’s not about “never getting rejected,” but rather, being free and feeling good even when you – do get rejected.

Finally get an inside look at our tools for releasing (aka letting go). You’ll get more deeply in touch with your true emotions. You’ll get multiple tools to process and let go of unwanted emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences that are slowing you down and holding you back from experiencing the life you could have.
Here’s What You’ll Learn:
– How to identify and clear away painful patterns from your past
– Let go of any emotional pain around your childhood
– Get over fears
– Quit self-sabotaging habits
– Enhance your relationships
– Advance in your career
– Improve your self-confidence
– Alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, and other unwanted and heavy emotions and feelings
– Guided releases with me as I goes through them with students and help them get past real-life blockages

Discover The Core Things That Are Preventing You From Attracting The Women You Want In Your Life
Here’s What You’ll Learn:
– Learn how to communicate that you are a desirable man
– Discover how to have an inviting and social vibe so that women are attracted to your natural spirit without you having to figure out the right things to say
– Develop a vibe that lets women see you as a man they can trust
– Learn how to be a grounded and solid man even when a woman is testing you
– Own your desire and attraction for the feminine so that women feel your social confidence and sexual confidence the moment they look in your eyes
– Discover which of your habits and tendencies are pushing women away
– Break through the insecurities of not feeling good enough or feeling like something is wrong with you
– Understand the “Secret Principles” of men who are successful in life
– Learn how to change your relationship to fear and build massive confidence

How To Step Into Tension And How To Implement It Into Every Area of Your Life, Including Dating, Career, Business, and Health
Here’s What You’ll Learn:
– The Key To Establishing Strong Connections With Your Masculine and Your Groundedness. This Is Key To
– Becoming A Polarizing Man Who Effortlessly Draws Women In
– Discover The Reason Why You Are Having Trouble Meeting And Dating The Women You Really Want and What
– You Are Most Likely Doing That’s Keeping You Stuck With The Same Results, Over and Over Again
– The 3 Stages of Masculine Development – Discover how to become the 3rd stage man who enjoys the best qualities of both bad boys and good men
– The reason why most relationships fail in a world where women have stepped into their power and no longer need a man to take care of them… and how to show your – value as a man
– The curse of the middle class” and how to avoid falling into this trap
– Exercises to go out and practice stepping into tension in social situations
– And much more…..





Be Fearless Package - The Fearless Man