BJJ Fanatics – Feet To Floor, Volume 1 Fundamental Standing Skills


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BJJ Fanatics - Feet To Floor, Volume 1 Fundamental Standing Skills
John Danaher | Duration: 17h 40m | Video: H264 1920×1080 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 18,5 GB | Language: English
Study how every BJJ student should be fighting on the feet, with this innovative system for transitioning feet to floor with Professor John Danaher.
* Learn what John’s new philosophy on pulling guard is, and how any student can use this for real results.

* Use a unique BJJ-based approach to get the fight to the floor, instead of just copying wrestling or judo, and unlock techniques and combinations you’ve never seen before.
* Move directly into positions you can attack from immediately, with Professor Danaher’s new methodology for training from the feet.
* Counter and stop pesky guard pullers with these techniques to keep your advantage early in top position.
* Convert common moves from the mat to your feet, as you learn how some simple sweeps can work as takedowns and more.
* Professor John Danaher is considered by many to be the greatest grappling coach in the world, with elite championship students like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, and Garry Tonon.
* Know more. Win more.