Cracking Superhost with Sean Rakidzich


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Cracking Superhost with Sean Rakidzich
Cracking Superhost with Sean Rakidzich | 15.8 GB

What You Get:
Course Curriculum:
Instruction Manual For Course
Welcome To Cracking Superhost.

What is Airbnb?
Notes About The Course
Cost To Start
What you Will Need For This Course
Assess Property Potential

Property Acquisition

Welcome To The Property Acquisition Section
What You Need Before You Start
Do You Need A Website?
Where To Find Properties
Research – Supply
Research Demand
Research – Secret Shopping
Three Areas of Market Research In Review
The Script Intro
Script for apartments
The script for houses
How To Negotiate
Closers Crash Course Workshop (5 hours)

Setting Up Your Property

What To Do Before You Buy Your Furniture
Buying The Furniture
As it arrives
Interior Design and Beds Layout Tips
Supply storage
Security and signage
Readiness Review





Cracking Superhost with Sean Rakidzich