Escape The Thought Spiral with Topsie VandenBosch


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Escape The Thought Spiral with Topsie VandenBosch

Escape The Thought Spiral with Topsie VandenBosch
Temitope VandenBosch – Escape the Thought Spiral Course | 1.93 GB

Are you ready to destroy the thought spirals that keep you from showing up in your business like the C.E.O. you are?
Are you tired of having some success in your biz, only to constantly wait for the other shoe to drop?
Is it exhausting to go from feeling like you’re unstoppable, and then the next day wondering whether people are getting the value that they paid for from your services?
Or even feeling confident that an ideal client is going to sign up for your program/services, only to find out that they decided to work with a competitor….or better yet- a FRIEND?
Good news then booskie: the Escape the Thought Spiral course was designed for you.
The Escape the Thought Spiral Course was created to lead you on an in-depth, step by step journey through HOW to destroy the shame vortex in entrepreneurship.
It will teach you how to CONQUER the fear monsters that tell you that success isn’t your birth right,
and MASTER the art of predicting the forecast.
Diva Boss, you’ll be LOCKED, LOADED, and ready for the emotional vortex before it shows up.
We need you to keep showing up and giving your gift to your clients, but it’s hard to do it if your mind is in a constant loop.
And if you’re not able to show up in your business…
Then this affects your creativity. . .
Which ultimately affects your income. . .
And Diva Boss – we can’t have that.
Im Topsie, and I’m the Mindset Expert for female entrepreneurs.
As you’re reading this, I’m on my couch, in my jammies at noon on a Wednesday, getting ready to go to my mental health therapy practice for a few hours.
Not only am I a mental health therapist in my community, I have also made it my life’s work to help driven women experience freedom from the toxic thought patterns that keep them feeling stuck.
“Predicting the storm forecast and the emergency plan modules are my favorite. I learned something completely new and it’s helped me understand better why I always feel like shit when things go wrong. Everything about the course is so helpful and I love how you talked about each thing specifically in the modules.
-Vasva Omanovic- Biz Coach + Brand Photographer





Escape The Thought Spiral with Topsie VandenBosch