Grace Lever – The Workshop Project Course


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Grace Lever - The Workshop Project Course
Grace Lever – The Workshop Project | 5.52 GB

What You Get:
Module 1
Discovering Your Genius Zone
– ​Take my honest Genius Zone Audit with my personality profiles and experience audits to understand exactly what your workshop should be on!
– ​Think you need to have years of experience or be a trained speaker? Wrong. You’ll discover why you already have everything you need and why being a trained speaker can often be a burden.
– ​The One Big Reason why most entrepreneurs try one workshop, fail, and give up on this incredible opportunity
– ​Why Half-Day Workshops done “Grace style” actually work!
– ​How to eliminate overwhelm and create structure in your Workshop Strategy so that you know the simple steps you need to take from newbie to experienced in-demand workshop host

Module 2
Your Authentic Workshop Presentation
– Watch a recorded copy of my entire Half-Day Workshop so you can see behind-the-scenes why my presentation works so well
– Swipe and deploy my actual Half-Day Workshop slide deck that I’ve used at almost 100 events to make over 7-figures
– Discover the authentic way to present that has your market praising and appreciating you
– <How to convert sales at your workshop even if you’re not a trained speaker or salesperson
– What to do if you have no idea what to share at your workshop and how much is too much
– Learn the difference between Lead Gen workshops, product workshops and retention workshops and why I focus on the most important one
– Think you need to pitch sleazy to make good money from stage? Wrong!
– The one thing you should never do at a workshop (and that used to burn my rooms before I figured it out)

Module 3
Your Irresistible Workshop Offer
– ​Discover the different types of offers you could present at your workshop to turn attendees into hot clients or customers
– ​The truth about creating offers that your market really really wants
– ​Discover four possible offers you could present at your workshop and work through the pros and cons of each to discover the right one for you
– ​Access my Competitor Research Guide to ensure your offer stands out in your market and is a refreshing and much needed “next step” for your attendees
– ​Think your workshop can’t fill up your coaching, consulting or professional services? Wrong! You’ll learn how you can generate high ticket clients during your half-day workshop
– ​Claim my offline services and VIP weekends action pack to discover how to promote and fill more traditional programs and services through your workshops
– ​How to create a no-brainer price point for your workshop offer that your market finds irresistible
– ​How to create a product you believe less than 24 hours!
– BONUS: Want to create an online program you could sell at your workshop? Get my step-by-step online program creator training to get yours ready in a matter of day (not weeks or months!)

Module 4
The Stress Free Event Planning Manual
– ​How to find and brief the perfect venue for your Half-Day Workshop even if you’re on a shoestring budget
– ​The truth about your room set-up and how to ensure maximum engagement and sales with one simple layout
– ​What you should NEVER do at a Half-Day Workshop (and yes, I did all of these things on the “Things That Don’t Matter Checklist” and learnt this lesson the hard now you don’t have to!)
– ​Swipe, tweak and deploy my actual Workshop run sheet, pre-event checklist, venue checklist, and credit card forms
– ​Watch the behind-the-scenes set-up of one of my actual Half-Day Workshops so you can run yours the same!
– ​What to do to prime your room of attendees to love you and warm to you.before you’ve even walked in the room