Irina Kalmykova – Minimalism. Post Processing


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Irina Kalmykova - Minimalism. Post Processing
Irina Kalmykova – Minimalism. Post Processing
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
I am glad to present you a new lesson “Processing. Minimalism.” This lesson will be useful to all photographers in completely different styles, as color and geometry are in all photographs, just somewhere less, and somewhere more.

On the example of minimalism, where geometry and color are key points, I will tell you about 11 interesting and useful tricks that you will definitely find useful and you will fall in love with them, just like me!
In the lesson you will find 3 blocks:
Work with lines and geometry. I will tell you 6 different ways to create beautiful lines and teach you how to correct composition. Many of these methods I did not need before and I did not know about them, but now they have opened new ways for me to work. I am sure that you too will be inspired and this will allow you to create more beautiful and unique pictures when playing with lines.
Work with color. Of course, it is important here to get exclusively natural saturation and beautiful uniform colors. I will share with you 2 cool tricks.
Work with tonality. This block is left for dessert. Since it is in it that my main secret will be revealed! This is a unique copyright technique. I will teach you how to create very soft and clean-tone photos. Even opposite the sky and even indoors.
Lesson duration: 1.5 hours.
Additional actions and plugins: not required.
Information for my regular listeners who have almost everything on the site. Thank you very much for your trust! Since my new style in photography is based not only on new techniques, but also on old ones, you may have partially heard some of them in some materials on the site (and there are more than 3000 of them!). But I took this into account, and even if we are talking about some kind of technique known from me, it will be on new examples and with new nuances, besides this, of course, a lot of completely new information awaits you in the lesson. And some of the methods that I have already opened to you will be used completely from an unexpected angle!
Bonus! Since all the methods in the lesson are ideal for interior photographs, where there are a lot of lines (it’s difficult to shoot exactly in rooms) and there are a lot of dark corners, and you need soft light. Therefore, in the lesson, as a bonus, I recorded examples of the application of these techniques in interior photos. You will have perfectly straight lines and beautiful soft light!
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