John Weatherby – Master the Night Sky


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John Weatherby - Master the Night Sky
John Weatherby – Master the Night Sky
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Photography | MP4 | 22 GB
Learn to capture stunning star pics and achieve incredible results with your Astro Photography

The Gear
What you need to get started, as well as advanced options.

How to research and plan for locations, seasons, and shooting conditions.

Milky Way
How to properly plan for and capture the milky way galaxy.

Star Trails
How to plan, capture and create epic star trail photography.

How to capture and process stacked images, to achieve super results and noise free night shots.

How to use a star tracker for longer exposures of the milky way (or stars) without getting star streaks.

Light Painting
How to paint a scene with light to create unique and creative night foregrounds.

Complete processing lessons for astro images, to achieve superior results from your star shots.

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