Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX 2019


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Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX 2019
Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course (2019) | 722 MB

Liquid simulations are much simpler to make than they seem. In fact, just a few lessons into this course, you’ll feel comfortable running beautiful 3D water simulations

that are sure to blow your clients’ minds, make a splash on Instagram & give a high-end feel to your reel. Liquid sims are used by big players like Apple in their launch
trailers, to showcase waterproof ability & other extremely cool effects. You can immediately take this practical knowledge and apply it to your work, whether it’s a
fountain for Archviz, water-resistance for Productviz or a slow-motion water splash for a soda commercial. I’ve used these effects to attract high-end clients and charge
thousands of dollars per project & I’m teaching it all in this value-packed course.
I Know What It’s Like to be a Beginner (Story Time)
You open the software for the first time and begin trying to piece together how to use it by scouring the internet looking for free tutorials, reading comments on Facebook
and forums for tips on how to make something at least remotely impressive. Individual tutorials, however cool they may be, fail to teach you the whole picture.
You may learn how to make a cool thing here and there, but don’t have the in-depth knowledge to really build something original yourself. You become a tutorial-hunter
(I’ve done plenty of that myself) dependent on tutorials, instead of taking control to learn the software FULLY, from the ground up. As intimidating as it may now seem,
the truth is that after you understand the fundamentals, you can easily setup just about any type of liquid simulation you can imagine, without the endless frustration.
Why This Course?
I made the course I wish had existed when I started learning Phoenix FD. Go from absolute beginner to setting up your own high-quality liquid simulations.
Level up your reel and portfolio, wow your clients with premium visuals & start charging more for your work today. The transformation you will go through
as you take the course will give you the tools and confidence to set-up a variety of unique liquid simulations for your own reel, give you cool stuff to post on
Instagram, wow your friends and take your work to a whole another level.
There Are So Many Opportunities
-Music videos & VFX for films and TV shows
-Fluid concert visuals
-Tradeshow & lobby displays
-Soda, tea, & bottled water commercials
-Luxury product visualizations
-Waterproof products (sport watches, phones, speakers)
and much more
At a certain point you realize that you can either keep wasting your life away waiting for tutorials to pop up on Youtube, or you can skip all that, and take the
shortcut to actual RESULTS. If I could go back in time to 3 years ago when I started learning Phoenix, and an actual professional made a step-by-step course
that would teach me everything I need to know to make cool stuff NOW I would have jumped on the opportunity in a heartbeat. If you’re serious about acquiring
new skills, you eventually realize that time is very precious, and investing a little bit of money to RAPIDLY advance your career is extremely worth it in the long run.
The Phoenix Difference
Phoenix FD is an amazing plug-in for 3Ds Max that allows you to create liquid simulations entirely within 3Ds Max.
-Unlike RealFlow, the meshing takes place automatically during rendering
-Heavy Vray optimization (both made by same company) allows for FAST rendering
-Don’t get me wrong, RealFlow is great in certain situations, but my true love is Phoenix because it’s so much simpler and easier to use.
The settings make so much more sense
Simulation is fast, and you can get good results very quickly.
Effects like mixing liquids of different colors are surprisingly simple to setup
Particle Flow & tyFlow support allows for some spectacular effects, such as realistic rain
Fun helpers such as Body Force & Path follow allow for object morphing and spline follow effects
Highly realistic results with little effort (see Fountain & Waterfall examples below)
Used in production on major motion pictures & TV Shows such as Game of Thrones





Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX 2019