Schoolism – Speed Sketching Animals


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Schoolism - Speed Sketching Animals
Schoolism – Speed Sketching Animals | 9.1 GB

Speed sketching is a useful skill for artists to have in their arsenal, but the process of speed sketching animals can be quite difficult to understand.

However, it can be far easier when you have the artist explain how and why they put down “those marks,” especially when that person paints and draws animals for a living! Before creating animals, creatures and characters for feature films and video games, multi-award-winning artist, Bobby Chiu, taught life drawing in college. In this course, he teaches how to sketch efficiently and purposefully using different approaches and how to apply these techniques to various animals.

This course is for ANY SKILL LEVEL. It’s not about ‘how to sketch,’ but, ‘how does Bobby Chiu sketch?’ So get ready for a mind-opening experience as Bobby draws with you while he demonstrates how to apply his techniques and thinking that will take your art to the next level.





Schoolism - Speed Sketching Animals