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Sujan Patel Content Marketing Bootcamp (up)
Sujan Patel – Content Marketing Bootcamp | 1.04 GB

A blueprint for growing your business using content marketing
Content Marketing Bootcamp is a 10-week training program where you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to leverage content marketing to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads, and drive sales.

Each week you’ll receive a 60-75 minute video you can watch or listen to in your own free time. This video (along with the accompanying materials) will give you the exact steps you need to follow to leverage content marketing to achieve your goals.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s in the program.

Module 1
How to start creating powerful and lucrative content to drive business growth
You can write thousands of blog posts, but if they’re not strategic and targeted to the right audience you’ll never gain traction online. In the first week of the course, you’ll discover several practical ways to find the right kind of ideas for your content. ideas that have the potential to grow your business fast, including.

5 types of blog posts you can use today to attract and keep customers.
How to use ‘Topic Buckets’ to organize keyword research and develop profitable blog ideas.
How to identify and take advantage of viral trends for huge surges in website traffic.
The 11 ‘News Values’ and what they can teach you about rapidly growing a huge blog following.
An ethical way to piggyback off your competitors and boost blog traffic fast.

Module 2
How the top 10% of content marketers boost their traffic, exposure and engagement

In module two you’ll learn how to go ‘beyond the blog post’ and use advanced content to get an edge over your competitors. This sections covers.

16 types of content you can use to start boosting your site traffic immediately.
Simple email templates you can use to get noticed by the world’s greatest influencers.
When to use the power of a story to influence and connect with your customers.
A clever way to build a huge email subscriber list with checklists.
How to turn ‘talking about yourself’ – normally a publishing faux pas – into powerful content for your customers.

Module 3
Create and publish incredible content. even if you hate to write

Most small businesses are incredibly hands-on and owners find themselves pushing 80 hour weeks just to get everything they need done. In module three you’ll learn how to quickly and cheaply outsource your content creation and gain back precious free time to focus on other parts of your business. You’ll also delve into customer ‘personas’ and learn how to create content that draws the right kind of customer (buyers) to your business. Some of the topics covered in module three include.

10 questions you should ask to understand your most likely and profitable customers.
Creating a Persona: Look into you readers mind and create content that makes them fall in love with your business.
A quick and dirty way to recruit a marketing team to create content for your business. without breaking the bank.
How to build processes to scale your content from zero to 100,000 – impressions and beyond.
Get more work done in less time with these 15 powerful productivity tools.
How to take advantage of the infographic trend to attract thousands of customers cheaply.

Module 4
The secret to creating epic content that gets shared and promoted

Believe it or not, all posts that get shared, liked, and promoted by online influencers, share 10 basic characteristics. In module four you’ll learn what they are and how to leverage these characteristics to create marketing content that consistently builds website traffic, email subscribers and sales. In week four, you’ll discover.

How to create a checklist to guarantee any post or content you create is promotable.
How to quickly generate social shares through an epic, SEO rich post.
Simple strategies to get influencers to share your content with their already massive audiences. this works even if you’re just starting out with content marketing.
Copy and paste these 5 promotable content templates into your own business to start reaching your ideal audience fast.

Module 5
How to find partners to help your business take a ‘quantum leap’ in growth

Module five is all about influencers. High-profile, popular individuals who can help your business attract thousands of new visitors with a single tweet or mention. You’ll learn how to connect with them in a positive, non-sleazy way, and how to increase your chances of getting the help your business needs. Some of the tactics you’ll learn in this module include.

How to use ‘Big Fish’ sites to zero in and connect with your favorite, high-profile influencers.
A simple tip that pretty much guarantees you at least TWO responses from well-known bloggers.
The ‘wide net’ mistake and why it could hurt your chances of connecting with qualified influencers.
4 indications an influencer will be willing AND available to help grow your website traffic.
Templates covering 4 specific scenarios that you can use depending on what your business needs most right now.

Module 6
Build a 5-figure email list with these list building hacks

In module six you’ll learn the same tactics we’ve used to build multiple 5-figure email lists and what you can do to create a relationship with your list that is both beneficial for the reader and profitable for your business, including.

How to create high value content to drive emails subscriptions.
Simple rules for sending emails your customers love to open.
Add huge value to your email autoresponder with the ‘CEO’ trick.
Examples of high converting email opt-in devices that you can model and use in your own business.
Boost opt-ins with this clever approach to leveraging your existing content.
How to capture more leads with a ‘welcome mat’ opt in device.

Module 7
How to refresh and repurpose old work into brand new viral content

What if you could take content you created years ago, make some slight tweaks, and watch as it attracts and resonates with a completely new audience, fetching you thousands of new leads? That’s exactly what module seven covers. During this module you’ll discover.

How to rapidly test new mediums for your content and expand your business’ reach.
A reader-focused approach to repurposing content your customers will love (hint – it’s not about you it’s about them).
The right time to start thinking about repurposing content for maximum impact.
An easy 6-step approach to boosting website visitors with short eBooks.
The secret to converting existing posts into guest posts with huge appeal.
How to create a 25-stage autoresponder email series without paying a copywriter a dollar.

Module 8
How to track, measure and use data to attract more website visitors

Data is key to understanding your audience, improving your profitability and your reach. In module eight you’ll learn to track and measure your content marketing, and how to find the insights you need to grow your business into a thriving, profitable machine. You’ll learn.

How to find your most lucrative content and optimize it for even more leads and conversions.
A scientific, data-driven way to direct your time and resources into your most profitable activities.
How to use an ‘aggressive’ type of goal setting to increase your business success.
A specific 4-phase philosophy that reveals the keys to rapid growth (Sujan uses this in all his businesses to grow to seven-figures and beyond fast).
Beat 95% of content marketers with this smart approach to scaling.

Module 9
From Zero to 10,000 – visitors in 6 months – How to scale your website traffic

It’s not talent that separates small struggling businesses from thriving online websites, it’s processes – the ability to execute the same profitable action over and over again. In module nine you’ll find out how to create repeatable processes so you can scale your business and lead generation on demand. These powerful ideas will free up your time and unlock the true potential of your business. Some of the key topics covered include.

How to build repeatable processes with documentation and use these internal documents to scale BIG.
Why curiosity is the key to success for modern content marketing.
The surprising relationship between freelancers and your return on investment (ROI).
How a simple mindset adjustment can save you dozens of wasted hours as your business grows. and the ONE word that is the key to this kind of smart growth.
Never overpay again: an insider guide to content marketing pricing. PLUS when to know when you’re ready to spend more.

Module 10
Revealed. Publishing ‘Hacks’ of a Wall Street Journal writer

If you’ve ever dreamt of being published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or Entrepreneur. here’s how you do it. In this module you’ll get a clear path to getting published in major outlets and unlocking all the traffic, attention and profits that attracts. Module ten includes.

What you MUST do to get published on a top 10 website. simpler than you think, but must be followed to a tee.
How to pitch like a pro and gain the attention of a top publisher.
Discover the publicist in your social circle. chances are one of your friends is the key to getting access to an influential editor. and they don’t even know it.
What to expect when you first email an editor, and what to do if your first email is ignored.
How to build a network of influencers and skyrocket the reach of anything you publish.
As you can see, this is a comprehensive business training that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results, no matter what your goals are.