The $20K Per Month Design Business by Patrick O’Connell


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The $20K Per Month Design Business by Patrick O'Connell
Patrick O’Connell – The $20K Per Month Design Business | 6.60 GB

Design profits isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect
We get designers laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions.

You’ll find our students building powerful offers, improving their marketing/sales systems and doing real work, not making noise on social media.

Most generic courses teach a specific skill like sales or marketing without fixing the most important thing: the value of the product/service. This creates clueless designers who don’t understand why things don’t work .To succeed in design business you need to learn the “full stack” – five interconnected layers of understanding built on top of each other.
1 – Entrepreneurial awareness – Value mastery, market differentiation
2 – Offer building – Packaging, messaging, positioning
3 – Lead generation – Free & paid traffic, websites, funnels, bookings
4 – Sales mastery – Rapport, strategy, proposals, contracts
5 – Business processes – Tools, systems, workflows, metrics



The $20K Per Month Design Business by Patrick O'Connell