Udemy – Apache Pinot A Hands on Course


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Udemy - Apache Pinot A Hands on Course
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 28 lectures (2h 26m) | Size: 1.76 GB
Learn the Core Concepts of Apache Pinot which is a new Realtime Analytics Datastore and also work with Hands On Examples

What you’ll learn:
Learn about A highly scalable realtime OLAP System: Apache Pinot
Get Hands on experience with Pinot
Learn about batch and stream ingestion and how Pinot can support both
Learn about all the components of Pinot
Learn about the various optimizations which can be done in Pinot to improve Query latencies
Basic SQL knowledge and big data knowledge will be helpful, but it is not mandatory
Apache Pinot is a Realtime Distributed Analytical Datastore. It can handle millions of real-time events per minute and can also serve queries in a few milliseconds.
Pinot is a new Big Data Technology that is being adopted by multiple companies like Linkedin, Uber, Slack, Target, Walmart, and many others. With real-time analytics of big data becoming pretty important, Learning an On-Demand Technology like Pinot will be a great addition to your skillset.
Pinot is mainly used in User facing Realtime Analytics where end-users of an application can directly send queries to Pinot. User-facing applications need to respond back in a few milliseconds and also need to handle a huge volume of requests. Pinot can do both of these really well. Pinot can also be used to get insights from real-time data.
I have created this Hands-On Course on Apache Pinot so that you can get a good understanding of what Pinot is and when to use it.
This course covers the following topics
An introduction to Pinot.
Typical use cases for Pinot.
Hands-On sessions to set up a complete Pinot cluster in your local machine.
A quick introduction to Kafka to show how it can be used along with Pinot for Stream Ingestion.
Stream and Batch ingestion in Pinot with corresponding Hands-On Sessions.
Improving query latencies with Indexing in Pinot with a Hands-On Session.
Improving query latencies in Pinot using pre-aggregation techniques with a Hands-On Session.
Different types of queries which are supported by Pinot.
This course ensures that you get a good idea about the various concepts of Pinot. Also, the Hands-On sessions ensure that all the concepts you have learned can be implemented practically.
Who this course is for
Developers who want to learn a real time Analytical system which can serve 1000s of queries per second and can handle millions of records in volume
Developers who want to learn a system which can support both batch and stream ingestion and implement them hands on as well
Developers who want to learn a new and upcoming technology in the big data space
Developers who want to add a new and on demand technology to their skillset
Developers who want to learn, how an analytical system can be optimized to serve low latency queries