Udemy – Data Visualization using OriginLab (Origin and OriginPro)


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Udemy - Data Visualization using OriginLab (Origin and OriginPro)
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Language: English | Size: 5.13 GB | Duration: 9h 36m
What you’ll learn

Quick and effective procedures to present information using visual information
Graphical Representation of information and data.
A hands on experience to tackle data visualisation techniques in Origin Lab software
Advance Features in Origin to enhance the graphical representation
Hassle-free data visualisation
A basic configuration computer.
Do you want to represent the data and information in the form of visual context?
Do you want to learn and develop hassle-free data visualization skills?
Do you want to prolifically convey your information of research, survey, experiments, studies, etc., in an efficient and readable information visualization.?
Do you wish to represent many numbers and large data coherently?
Do you like to share your knowledge and innovative finding with your peers in the most efficient and effective manner possible?
Do you like to improve your ability to present data in a graphical format to help people understand the significance of your findings.?
Do you want to add up a new technical skill to your resume?
If your answer is YES. Then you are at the RIGHT PLACE.!!
You might be in sales and need to convince a prospect to buy your products or You may be a manager trying to optimize employee performance or in operations managing manufacturing efficiencies, or a researcher trying to write your first quality publication, or a student trying to attain high grades – or anyone doing just about any job – everything is measurable….
This indicates we are swimming in data and decisions need to be driven by that data.
Being skilled in data visualization will make you better able to understand what is happening in and around.
The course is designated to improve your knowledge, and skill in DATA VISUALIZATION USING THE ORIGIN SOFTWARE.
“OriginLab produces professional data analysis and graphing software for scientists and engineers, who need to analyze, graph, and professionally present data.”
The course uses a Student Learning Edition for the purpose of explanation
Sign up today, and here’s what you’ll get:
· Over 09+ hours of HD 1080p video content.
· All the knowledge you need to start building any illustration to represent your data.
· Assistance for your research.
· Practice exercises.
You do not need to have any prerequisites for completing this course, we will teach you everything from the scratch
Don’t ponder and waste your precious time on poor quality videos, Your learning and your time’s worth more than that.
As you sit there contemplating the sea of different courses, you’ll realize that there’s no reason to deliberate.
The best course is right in front of your eyes.
I am looking forward to Teaching you all About the DATA VISUALIZATION USING ORIGIN LAB SOFTWARE
Who this course is for:
Professionals who like to blend their business/technical reports with informative visualisations.
Researchers who need to present their investigations in the form of visual graphics.
Students who like to develop their data visualisation skills.