Udemy - Effective UI Test Automation With Serenity BDD And Selenium
Udemy – Effective UI Test Automation With Serenity BDD And Selenium
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Udemy – Effective UI Test Automation With Serenity BDD And Selenium


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Udemy - Effective UI Test Automation With Serenity BDD And Selenium
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 67 lectures (10h 47m) | Size: 4.22 GB
Write high quality, easy to maintain test automation for your web applications with 50% less code using Serenity BDD

What you’ll learn:
Write clean and expressive UI tests faster using Serenity BDD and Selenium
Discover powerful hidden features of Serenity BDD directly from the framework author!
Create Robust and Reusable automation code using Action Classes and Page Objects (so that you spend more time testing and less time maintaining flaky tests)
Work with modern asynchronous web applications, so that your tests don’t fail randomly due to tricky timing and wait conditions.
Get higher coverage and richer reporting with data-driven testing in Serenity BDD.
Generate rich and powerful reports directly from your test execution (so you spend less time documenting your test results each release)
Integrate Serenity BDD tests with Jenkins and Github Actions, so you can run your test suite and publish the reports automatically on every commit
Basic knowledge of Core Java and Java development tools
Basic familiarity with Git and Github
Familiarity with software testing
Serenity BDD is one of the most popular Java test automation libraries, and for good reason!
If you are writing automated web tests in Java, using Serenity BDD correctly can reduce the amount of code you need to write by well over 50%, slashing the amount of code you need to maintain yourself. Serenity BDD produces powerful test reports that you can use both as as evidence of your testing activities and documentation of your application. And with over a million downloads a month, regular releases and a vibrant open source community, it’s a solid bet for your test automation framework!
This in-depth course, recorded by the author of Serenity BDD himself, and constantly updated with the latest Serenity BDD features, will give you a unique insight on how to use Serenity BDD the way it is intended. You’ll discover:
How to write well-structured automated web tests with Serenity BDD, to maximise reuse and minimise maintenance costs
How to use Page Objects and Action Classes to make your test code more concise and more expressive, so you can write tests faster AND spend less time maintaining them later on;
How to write effective locators using XPath and CSS, including Serenity BDD’s powerful dynamic locators
How to handle waits and asynchronous applications in Serenity BDD
How to use data-driven testing with Serenity to get higher coverage and better reporting
How to run tests in parallel and get feedback faster
How to run your Serenity BDD tests remotely on Selenium Grid and services such as SauceLabs and BrowserStack.
How to tailor your Serenity BDD reports, so they tell your stakeholders EXACTLY what they need to know
And much more
But more importantly, you’ll discover the mindset behind the Serenity BDD framework, so you can use it to write automated web tests faster and more reliably.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build automated testing frameworks for your web applications quickly and effectivly from scratch, harnessing the full power of Serenity BDD.
Who this course is for
Beginner Software Testers and Test Automation Engineers who what to implement robust UI test automation fast
Test Automation Engineers who want to get the most out of a Serenity BDD Test Framework