Udemy – Managers Contracts & Essential Key Solution for Challenges


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Udemy - Managers Contracts & Essential Key Solution for Challenges
Created by Kalyan Karki | Last updated 8/2021
Duration: 2h50m | 5 sections | 39 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 2.2 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Developing Business Acumen, Executive Presence, & Priority setting for Lasting Result
What you’ll learn
Executive Presence, The great leader of making, Perceptual position ( How we see world)
Change management, why change fails? Being effective when time is tough
Priority setting, Decision making, and effective time management
Storytelling and commanding attention and Influencing stakeholders
Hands on spot solution for common management key Issues
Willing to learn and open mindAbility to implement the ideas and put it in to action for lasting success
Executive presence is the ability to inspire confidence among your colleagues-especially those with significant decision-making power. To exhibit greater executive presence, it’s critical to see yourself through the eyes of these senior leaders. Doing so will help you identify key strengths and blind spots. In the business world, talent alone won’t guarantee your success, It’s not only what you know but how you manage perception that determines how high you will rise, Social intelligence is a spectrum of survival skills that can make the difference in a career, Creating a compelling personal brand can help you attract good fortune ,Executive presence is your ability to project mature self-confidence: a sense that you can take control of difficult, unpredictable situations; make tough decisions, and hold your own with strong-willed members of the executive team.
Whether you work in marketing or not, chances are high that your job involves influencing other people. Maybe you’re trying to get senior leaders to view you and your team in a more positive light. Or trying to persuade a project stakeholder to see why your approach is best. Whatever it is, influence is something we do every day-sometimes successfully, sometimes not.
Do you feel like you’re always busy, yet getting behind on your most important work projects or life goals? You may be focusing too much time and energy on short-term tasks, but overlooking long-term priorities. Use this tool to differentiate to-dos that are critically important versus those that you perceive to be urgent. This will provide a clearer picture of the most effective way to allocate your time, will learn how High achievers follow a fundamental mind-set and They regard time as an asset more valuable than money and they spend every minute wisely and how They focus on their top goals.
The science of emotional intelligence (EQ) tells us that some responses are healthier and more effective than others. An easy way to improve your reaction to stress is to recognize that there is a “middle step” you can take to short circuit a stress response. The middle step is to recognize you have a moment of choice between the stimulus and the response. In other words, you can choose your response, instead of letting it choose you. Here’s how to try it out:
– Think of a common trigger-in your professional or personal life-that stresses you out (e.g., dealing with a difficult stakeholder, hearing critical feedback from your boss, getting unsolicited advice from a family member). How are you currently reacting? How would you prefer to respond?
– In the next meeting you attend or conversation you have, practice the act of pausing to choose your response. Doing so will give you a feel for how the process works, even if you don’t encounter a stress trigger in this particular situation. That way, when the trigger does come along, you’ll know what to do.
We all react to stress differently. Many of us just react to what’s happening and let stress get the best of us. In other words, we let the “stimulus” directly impact our “response,” and our tempers or impulses go unmoderated. Someone says something critical to us, we get frustrated. Someone questions our judgement, we get defensive.
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Who this course is for:Supervisors/ managers who is seeking guidance and want to climb the corporate ladderStudents who is seeking for to work in management fieldManager or executives who want to excel in their job and create the impacts