Walter Volpatto Colorist Masterclass


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Walter Volpatto Colorist Masterclass
Walter Volpatto Colorist Masterclass
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | MP4
Learn color workflow and methodology from Company 3 Hollywood senior colorist Walter Volpatto.

Masterclass Overview
Why do something instead of focusing on how to do something.
Approach to color – technique – observer – style.
Limitations of the human eye, limitations of the displays, limitation of the distribution chain.
Negative – Positive model.
Look build on photographic principal of exposure.
Workflow on Set and Post.
Color Decisions – See the movie, read the script, understand the story.
Timeline/groups/scene/shot – Where the Color Goes?
Scene look, hero shot, technical matching, refinement.
HDR – Maintaining the intended photography, Virtual Nit device, Recovery of highlights / Black mapping, & Dolby Trim Pass.