Udemy – Understanding Corporate Communication


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Udemy - Understanding Corporate Communication
Created by Dr. Ujjwal Bikram Khadka | Published 7/2021
Duration: 50m | 7 sections | 9 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 572 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Learn the Actual Wordings, Speech, Tips, and Tools to Succeed as a Manager!
What you’ll learn
Learn the exact wordings, phrases, and speech to supervise and motivate employees
Learn how to draft the actual speech that helps translate company’s objectives into a language that gets to everybody–employees, stakeholders, and customers.
Employee Engagement
Help employees understand the organization’s objectives and agendas to help create a win/win/win for all parties
Understand the importance of employing corresponding body postures, tones, facial gestures and intention to elicit effective communication in the workplace
Learn the actual wordings, phrases, and speech to boost employee morale
Learn how to employ the American English speech in a corporate setting
Learn the exact words, phrases and sentences to foster storytelling and persuasion
Business Communication
Learn how to promote inclusivity and diversity in any organization
Corporate Coaching
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No prerequisites.A basic computer and an Internet connection.
Are you a supervisor or manager looking to coach and motivate employees, but don’t know where to start? Are you a leader and a manager who is a non-native English speaker but who works in English-speaking business environments and needs to get the know-how of communicating effectively to teams? Are you an employee whose primary role lay in communication, and who wants to “get ahead” in their career, but really feels that you lack resources to do so? If you answered yes to these questions, then this course is for you.
Welcome to my course! So, in this course, you’ll get ANACTUALRUNDOWNANDTHEACTUALWORDINGS PHRASES,ANDCONVERSATIONS EMPLOYEDINEVERYDAYSUCCESSFULBUSINESSCOMMUNICATIONSANDOPERATIONS. So, whether you’re starting a business meeting or encouraging and coaching employees (and that includes coaching and mentoring low performers too!), or promoting inclusivity and diversity in your workplace, you need to be a better communicator. That’s so key!
Overall, effective execution of day-to-day business operations entails 2 elements–
1) Clarity
2) and Communication
And this course taps into all the above-said aspects! And what’s more, it gives you an exact communication and speech employed in corporate undertakings. Which is what helps translate visions into reality.
Needless to assert, a better manager is also a great communicator. –
1. This course will help inspire vision in supervisors and managers alike to help them become better leaders. Furthermore, it will create a structure or guideline for managers to execute their daily tasks at a higher level and enable them to help inspire greatness in their employees.
2. Moreover, as we know, today employee engagement is at an all-time low and is costing companies billions of dollars. But there’s a solution. What is the solution? We need supervisors and managers to become better communicators, and who can then boost and motivate employees to bring out their best.
3. This course is also useful to employees who want to be better engaged at work. And by the same token, it will appeal to HR managers and coaches alike.
4. How to employ the power of storytelling to help people come over to our side
5.Learn the tips and tools to help employees become better problem solvers
6.Get the actual words, speech and phrases to help build a brand
7.Foster an engaging and productive workplace through helping understand what individuals respond to better
8.Understand the costs of the problem and the benefits of solution-in a personal sphere and corporate environment alike
9. Last not least, this course will help translate the organization’s objectives into actionable steps that leads to: better overall productivity, enhanced employee communication, engagement, and motivation. And creates a win/win/win for all.
BONUS: Get your downloadable beautifully designed PDF files that include salient features of the course and speech or conversation examples!
Who this course is for:Anyone with an interest in business communicationTeam leaders, Supervisors and ManagersHR Managers who want to enhance employee engagementStudents of Corporate communication and leadershipEmployees who want to get promotedExecutives and CEOs who want to better understand their direct reports’ and employees’ needs.